October 28, 2011

Princesses and Race Car Drivers

Amelia thought she wanted to be a princess for Halloween until she saw Oliver in his snazzy race car driver costume. She's been begging for a pink race car driver costume ever since. Anyway, we've been keeping pretty busy this week and here's the proof:

Playing in our neighbors' leaves. Oliver and Parker: best buds.

We made one last trip to Trafalga with our season passes before it gets to cold.

Racing with Daddy.

This is the hardest I have laughed in a long time. Oliver (and every other boat) was pelting Christian. He was soaked. And it was really cold outside.

Oliver and Amelia going out to the trunk or treat at our ward party.

Too sour! But that's not going to stop her from consuming every last nerd.
Hanging out in her princess dress.

Me at 30 weeks.

October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Let me tell you- Utah has a plethora of amazing pumpkin patches and I think we picked one of the best to go to last week. We had so much fun at Hee Haw Farms. They had so many fun things to do there the kids did not want to leave.

Off subject: Oliver and Christian made this basketball court out of play-doh and they were both very proud of it. Enjoy.:)

Amelia ran right to this little pony. He was certainly no Lil' Sebastien, but he was a close second. She was such a natural on him and loved it. She wasn't scared for even a second. A lot of that might have been that she was only 2 feet off the ground, but still, I was impressed.

Have I ever mentioned that my mom was a rodeo queen in Idaho? Looks like we have another one in the making!

These "animals" were hooked on to a riding lawnmower and the kids were pulled VERY slowly around the farm. But, Oliver and Amelia loved it. They kept running away from us and jumping in before we could stop them.

The potato sack slide. It was pretty fast and, no, we didn't sign any waivers.

Even Christian was a little scared to go down. But not Amelia.

Feeding the goats. No fear for this little gal.

And this was the highlight for Oliver and Amelia. They loved the corn box. Christian and I had a lot of fun burying them.

The only way we could get them out of the corn box was for the pig chase. The kids were divided in to age groups and put in the pig pen to chase the pigs. Our kids didn't fare too well, but they had SO much fun and I was laughing the whole time. I love how Farmer Joe is totally decked out in farming attire...except for his blue tooth.

Oliver wasn't at all afraid to get his hands dirty with the pigs.

On the hayride to pick out our pumpkins. I don't know if I'd call their pumpkin field really authentic or just primitive. Either way, we got a lot muddy and had to weave through sunflowers and tons of poking vines to get our pumpkins, which were all still attached to the vines. No one told me to bring my axe, so I just gave the pumpkins a good kick to break them loose. (I was on my own at this point because Christian had gone home to record the GOP debate.)

The fruits of our labors! The kids had the time of their lives painting and carving their pumpkins. I love this Halloween tradition. And, guess what? Fresh pumpkins are SOOOO much easier to carve than the ones you pick up at the grocery store!

I know you're all wondering why I let Amelia's hair get this long. Put your mind at rest- she got a hair cut the next day. Her stylist (my sis, Julie) is just super booked:).

Goodbye, Summer

We're sad to say goodbye to summer here in Utah. Especially when we think of the long winter months ahead. But, Fall has been nice so far and we're going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Amelia is really going to miss the sprinklers- she would beg to go out whenever they came on.

A last summer run through the sprinklers with the neighbor kids.

Amelia is so nice to share her bed with her baby, Tami during nap time. She actually doesn't do much without her baby, Tami.

Oliver spent about an hour dreaming up and creating this domino art. He is quite the artist. We still aren't sure where he gets it from.

Cruising in our neighbor's Hummer.