September 26, 2007

Getting to Know Us...The Bells

Well, it's official: I have started a blog. I have to admit that I used to think of blogging as "weird" (and Christian says that I have a VERY sensitive weird-o-meter). But, I have at last given in to this growing trend.

So, let's catch up! Christian and I were married in June of 2005, graduated that August and moved to Southern California where Christian took a job with a homebuilder. Our little pride and joy, Oliver was born almost a year later and we moved to Albuquerque 5 weeks after that when the real estate market tanked in CA. (Albuquerque is in New Mexico, a little-known state sandwiched in between Arizona and Texas.) So, After a few long months of working for the same homebuilder here, the entrepreneur in Christian could no longer be subdued and he left his job to start his own window cleaning company, Clarity Window Cleaning. It's off to great start and he's been working soooooo hard. Meanwhile, I decided to get my personal training certification (You know, why not use that college degree I worked so hard for??!!) and I am a part-time personal trainer at a nearby club. I love being able to use my knowledge to help people.

Oliver, our little ray of sunshine, celebrated his 1st birthday in August and we went out to Atlanta for it (and to see my brother, Beau, return from his mission). We had a pool party and presents and if it weren't right in the middle of Oliver's naptime, he would have loved every minute of it. He was mostly whiny, but he still enjoyed his little cake! He started crawling about 2 weeks before his birthday, which was a much anticipated event, especially by his daddy. You see, Oliver developed torticollus at about age 4 months (tightening of muscles on one side of his neck) which only allowed him to turn his head fully to the left side. This led to plagiocephaly (or mishapen head). So, he went through a few months of physical therapy and then wore an adorable little helmet for about 6 months. He's all better now, but we think that his crawling was somewhat slowed by this little roadblock. He stood up in his crib today, though, so maybe walking is right around the corner! Is that a good thing??!!:)

Anyway, we are really loving it here in Albuquerque, have made some really good friends, and are feeling like we could be here for a few more years at least. We haven't ventured much out of the city, but have made it to Sante Fe a few times and love this enchanting little town.