February 17, 2012

California in February

California in February is the perfect place. Well, at least it was last week. We went down because Christian had work there all week. We stayed with my sister, Jessica's family in San Juan Capistrano. They have lived there for 5 years and we have never been to their house. They live in the most beautiful neighborhood, tucked away against the hills, and their house is amazingly beautiful. They have a courtyard in the middle- something I've always wanted in my dream house some day. So, we got there Saturday night and had Soup Sunday with the Sedgwicks on Sunday. Their family is so fun and warm and interesting to talk with, so it was great times. The rest of the week, we went swimming in their hot tub, went on lots of walks, went to the beach a few times, and even had a beach bonfire, complete with tin foil dinners. It was a really nice, relaxing week and the weather could not have been more ideal. Jessica and Dave and their kids were the perfect hosts.

This is from January I think. Oliver and Amelia love to hold Eloise.

Cousin Lucy was really proud of this creation on Amelia. I thought it suited her perfectly. You can't really tell, but she has gobs of makeup on.

Sleeping at Laguna Beach.

Oliver building sand castles with Hannah.

My kids LOVED their hot tub. It was perfect for them.

I wish you could see Amelia's eyes better here. The goggles were a little too small, so while she was wearing them, one of her eyes was almost completely shut by the rims against them. So funny looking.

Amelia Bedelia and Hannah Banana.

Caleb and Oliver at the bonfire at Capo Beach.

Amelia had a little run-in with the waves, so she is pants-less in this picture and it was really cold.
Yep, that's Oliver under there. He fell asleep after tin-foil dinners and s'mores.

Jess and I enjoying the heat of the fire. It got really cold there after the sun went down.

Uncle Dave

The morning we went home to Utah, Lucy decided to break out her face-painting set and went to town on everyone. Oliver was first and got a full pirate face. It was so adorable. The next morning- not so much. A brillo pad wouldn't have even gotten that stuff off.

Maddi with Amelia and Oliver. Oliver loved being a pirate for a day.

All the Sedgwick cousins with their new faces- mostly very nice Spanish-looking mustaches.

This is Eloise as of this afternoon. 6 weeks + one day old.


Whew- I know it's been a while, but we have been busy. Here's to the end of January!! Woohoo!!

The is the ONE day we got snow this winter. Amelia complained because it was too "hot," meaning the sun was really bright. Hence, the awesome neon glasses.

We built a snowman. This was so much fun and the kids loved dressing him up. We named it Linda (or Winta, as Amelia says it), courtesy of Amelia's new imaginary friend.

Oliver is a pro at making snow angels.

And here's the real reason for the "busy-ness:" Eloise. She really is the most perfect baby, though. She started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks. Eats like a champ, poops like a champ, and the rest of the time just sits there peacefully. I will say that she throws up a LOT. But, if that's her only flaw, I'll take it.

I think this was probably around 2 weeks??