February 17, 2012


Whew- I know it's been a while, but we have been busy. Here's to the end of January!! Woohoo!!

The is the ONE day we got snow this winter. Amelia complained because it was too "hot," meaning the sun was really bright. Hence, the awesome neon glasses.

We built a snowman. This was so much fun and the kids loved dressing him up. We named it Linda (or Winta, as Amelia says it), courtesy of Amelia's new imaginary friend.

Oliver is a pro at making snow angels.

And here's the real reason for the "busy-ness:" Eloise. She really is the most perfect baby, though. She started sleeping through the night at 4 weeks. Eats like a champ, poops like a champ, and the rest of the time just sits there peacefully. I will say that she throws up a LOT. But, if that's her only flaw, I'll take it.

I think this was probably around 2 weeks??


JoLynn Bell said...

Cute snow pictures-- esp the sunglasses! And what a sweet baby! Yes, I think you'd better take her throwing up a lot and run with it!

Rachel said...

Amelia is so cute in her marshmallow jacket and sunglasses. I bet they love playing in the snow- my poor kids dream of the day....