April 19, 2011

Conference and Spring Break

Not much to update so far this month other than Conference weekend and Spring Break. For Conference weekend, we went up to the Bells on Sat. night. The kids made a "crazy kids dinner" while the men went to priesthood. They made hot dogs, hamburgers, corn bread, salad, and cupcakes. So, needless to say, it was a very "kid friendly" menu. We spent the night there and watched Conference the next day which was followed by the annual Bell Family Spring Hunt. The kids loved finding all the candy-filled eggs.
Last weekend we made a last-minute trip to Moab for Spring Break (aka, escape the frigid temps. of central Utah). It was so nice to be able to wear short sleeves, because it is APRIL after all. We enjoyed our time down there between Arches and Dead Horse Point National Parks, the big red sand hill, driving along/playing in the Colorado River, and time in the hotel hot tub. And, all this just a short 3 hour drive from home. Love it. We're dying to go back (sans kids) and rent some bikes and really hike around. It's such a uniquely beautiful place.

Getting ready to bake at Grandma's (for the kids dinner).

Also admiring his fancy apron.

Helping cousin Abe make corn bread.

New favorite game: both hop in Dad's sweater and bob around.

Heading up to Delicate Arch.

Hiking up to Delicate Arch. This was right before our camera died. :(

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point

Main lookout at Dead Horse Point


Amelia at DHP

Playing at the big red sand hill. Christian and I raced almost to the top. I wanted to die. Never been that tired in my life.

Amelia showing off her red sand stains. I'm still getting the sand out of their clothes.