January 11, 2008


Why, you might ask? Why T.G.I.F.? I was just sitting here on my computer and thinking, "Yes! It's Friday!" But, then I remembered that Friday no longer holds a great amount of significance in my life, being a stay-at-home mom and all. But, nevertheless, it still feels dang good- how's that for ya??!! I was checking my email earlier in the day and Oliver was hopping around on the couch behind me, making all sorts of fun noises. A few minutes later, I noticed the noise maker had stopped. I turned around and this is what I saw:

Then, once he saw me peek over my shoulder, the show began again:

Also, on another exciting note, my friends and I have started a weekly lunch club (for lack of a better name- any ideas??). Yesterday was our first official meeting and it was so fun. Among the seven of us we have 5 kids and 2 on the way (and who knows-- maybe more...).

You might be wondering who that girl is that's holding Oliver. Well, she was feeding him some marshmallow and chocolate-topped brownies. Need I say more???


Andrea W. said...

How fun, Rebecca. I'm so glad you have such a fun groups of friends. I kind of can't stand how cute Oliver is. We need to see him again, soon!!!

Jo said...

Cute little Oliver, entertaining his stay-home mom! I'm so glad you have these friends too, and that you've found a way to enjoy each other. How great!

Eliza said...

Wow, you guys have such a fun group of friends, I can see why you guys aren't coming back to utah. ; ). dang cute of oliver.

Rachel Crofts said...

I'm so glad its Friday too- and I'm so glad you sent me the link to vandangle.blogspot.com. What a hoot!

Macy said...

There is nothing better than lunch with the girls. I have a small group of girls that we go semi-frequently, and it is one of my most favorite things.