April 3, 2008

The Post You've All Been Waiting For...

Finally, it's here! You got it- we are making an official, "this is our new house" post, pictures included. We moved in about one month ago and there are still a lot of decorating to-do's, but it's here and we love it. We are so glad to finally be in a house, after many long years of apartments. We love our new ward and there are tons of young families, like us. What we love most, though, is the space and privacy that we have. So, enjoy!

Main room looking at the front entry.
Main room looking at the backyard.
Looking at the main room, kitchen, and office area.
Christian's office.
Main room looking into the kitchen.

The kitchen.Master bedroom.
Backyard with a hammock that came with the house.
Christian fertilized our lawn and Jake mowed it, so it's starting to come to life.

P.S.- Oliver's room was hard to get a good picture of and Jake's room leaves much to be desired (i.e., he's single) so we left them out.


Macy said...

Cute house guys! Sounds like you are really enjoying it. That is so great. I bet Oliver loves the space too.

Kara, Garrick and Rylee said...

Cute blog template!

The Allred Family said...

So cute Reba....I love the wood accent peice in the family room and the rug look grrrrrreat. Looks very posh!! And I love the "B" and the decorative peice above the bed.

The Allred Family said...

love love love the new template....seriously, so cute...makes me wanna change mine!

Andrea W. said...

Great house! How fun to have some room and a yard all to yourself! Love all your decor.

Claire and Steve said...

I love your new house!

Rachel said...

Your house is sooo cute...you did a really good job decorating. I love your floors. I like your new template too.

Eliza said...

booo i want the snake template back! : ), I really love your new template! Great pictures of your house, it really is decorated so prettily. One thing of many that I loved about your house was how light and sunny and open it was. It was just really cheerful homey place.

Christian said...

The decorating isn't done yet, folks. As long as there are barter dollers left in Poppy's account, the sky's the limit.

Pig, don't worry, the snake template is on it's way back. It's one you have to buy after a free trial (which we already used), so we're just waiting until next payday, and are using this temporary one until then.

kateworthi said...

Yes Rebecca - it is so cute! You did inherit Gary's flair for the decorative! You've done a beautiful job. Thanks for the pics - I was totally wondering what is up with the new digs.

Andrea W. said...

Beck, Beck, Rebeck, great pictures. I always love to see where people live. It makes such a difference in my mind to be able to visualize it. Eliza's description of it being sunny and open seems to fit. I'm glad you're enjoying it and hope you're happy there.

Could you just ship Oliver up for a few days???? I miss you guys so much. This is greg on Andrea's computer, which has no shift key incidentally and won't let me use a capital g. oh, well.

Ben & Brynn said...

How exciting for you! I especially love the master bedroom. I also love how open the family room and kitchen are and how it leads to the great backyard. Lucky Oliver!!! Congratulations on your first home.

Dallin D. Hutchinson said...

Nice place Bell's. (This is a big step up from Christian's college days. The place actually looks VERY clean and organized.) I'm looking forward to coming down for a visit in July.

Matt and Kay Jones said...

I love it! I am so jealous that you guys have your own house! I'm sure Oliver is loving it! We miss you like crazy!

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

Wow! You guys have really moved up. You did a good job of decorating that HUGE space. I love NM architecture...love the house!

Lindsey said...

I'm so jealous. I can't stand being in this freaking apartment anymore. I am so claustrophobic. Anyway- looks like an adorable home. Now can we come visit?! haha.

Amanda J said...

It is so nice to be in a house - it looks like your new house is great and super cute! I love the Spanish style houses in NM.

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