May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Let me tell you something about me that might surprise you. Ever since I was a young lad I gave a good deal of thought to and had strong opinions about how I wanted to raise my kids when the time came. Weird for a little ADD boy to concern his simple, shark-haunted mind with such weighty future matters, right? Well, this concern for how my kids were raised continued throughout my dating years and I always considered what type of mom the girl would be. Probably went a a bit overboard. Was kind of a freak. Anyway, when I fell for Reba, one of the many attractions was that I knew she would be an exceptional mom to my many little river princelings. I knew I wouldn't have to worry while at work about the kids being loved enough, taught enough, watching things that might not be the best for them, being active and engaged, etc. It's a big relief to me to know that Ollie (as well as future Rudger, Shrewsbry, Hawk Eye, Cheetah Speed, and Lion Strength) is at home getting the best love and education a lad can get.

So here's to Reba for being a devoted, conscientous, loving, affectionate, fun, hot mom. Make no mistake, hot mom's are a rarity these days. There were only a couple when I was in Elementary school. So Oliver will someday have the misfortune, and his friends the fortune, of him having a pretty, fancy mom bring his puppy to school for show and tell.

Now onto the lady who gave me such high motherly standards. Me very own mum. I think my mom is the best person in the entire world. Not just the best mom, but the best person. The kindest, lovingest, selflessest, funnest, self-improvinest, rootinest tootenest person I know. Honestly. She's the flesh and blood person I think of when I wonder what Jesus would do. What Would Jolynn Do?
And she was and still is such a wonderful mother. She found a difficult balance between affectionately loving us, while holding us to high account and preparing us for an adult world. She's my example of hard work, venturing out of comfort zones, not gossiping or judging, being pure-hearted, having no ego, being devoted to people and causes. I used to think she was just boring old mom, but now she's one of my favorite people to be around.
And she was also kind enough to spare me the humiliation of my friends making hot mom jokes when I was a youngster by selflessly wearing parachute pants, sandals, and "I love chocolate" t-shirts whenever she came to school. Thanks mom. You're the best. Happy Mother's Day.

Now onto my goodly Mother-in-law. I have so much respect for Becky. If you look "Pioneer woman" up in Encyclopedia Mormanica, you'll find her picture. She raised 11 kids, much of the time by herself, as her husband had to frequently travel for work. She dealt with the teenage Reba, and both lived to tell. She lives for her family and the gospel. She has the patience of a saint, and the inner strength of a saint bernard. She's one of the best conversationalists I know. Always has engaging things to ask and would much rather listen than talk. She typifies the scripture that encourages us to "forget ourselves". She lives completely for others. I hope my kids inherit her horse riding genes and not Davis's. So cheers to Becky for being the mother and mother-in-law that she is!

Happy mother's day to all you devoted moms out there!


Macy said...

How sweet Chris. Those were all very kind and very true things about all the woman in your life, although I don't know your mother-in-law, but have heard great things. And I agree, Reba is a very hot mommy!

Andrea W. said...

You crack me up, even when you're being sweet. Rebecca is the ultimate super mom, she is on top of it. Totally agree on your thoughts on Mom and loved hearing about Rebecca's Mom. Great post!

Greg said...

Chris, a hat trick for sweetly paying tribute to the triumvirate in your life. You are one smart guy. Well done, lad!

Jo said...

Chris, thank you for that tribute. You are so sweet! And LOL on the "selflessly wearing parachute pants and 'I love chocolate' t-shirts. Yup, that was my motive!

Josh said...

oh my word you kill me!!! so dang funny, but also very sweet. big lol on "shark haunted mind, hot mom and I love chocolate t-shirts!" I whole heartedly agree about all three women, pretty amazing ladies!

Josh said...

that last comment was liza btw

Dallin D. Hutchinson said...

Hot mums in elementary! (Laughing hysterically!)

Way to use the "mum" there Nigel. I say there chap, you're a good man. Cheers til next time!

Jo said...

And ditto to your comments about Reba--she IS a great mom!

Lindsey said...

oh my gosh. the description of your mom's outfit killed me. So hilarious. you sound like a sweet and funny husband- something rebecca definitely deserves. happy mother's day rebecca!

Jana said... I just died laughing about JoLynn's outfit.

Sweet post about hot wifee...well done.

Sara and Spencer said...
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Jill Bagley said...

YOu are a very funny writer!!
your son is so cute, i have never seen him before.
he looks so much like Gary Jewkes to me. Maybe im crazy.
i love seeing your blog. and i cant believe that you guys live in Albuquerque!!!

yes, your wife is very hot@!!! you lucked out. its a very good gene pool for looks.

The Allred Family said...

that was sweet. I can't wait to meet your children....esp. shrewsby. He/she sounds like a hottie.