February 26, 2009

The Great Divorce

I'm starting a little side blog.

I'll still contribute family-oriented stuff on this one, but by having another one I won't have to worry about a couple controversial rules established by the manager of this blog. Namely:

1. Each post deserves a minimum of 3 days non-compete status to allow people to comment before another post--which has to be written by the other person, because it's their turn--can be created.

2. Don't write anything that weirds out my literal-minded sisters.

I hope you will keep Rebecca and I in your thoughts during this difficult time in our BR (blogging relationship).



Braden and Mere said...

Just promise you'll at least have Reb do a cute background on your new blog.

Andrea W. said...

LOL, it's hard for these poor in-laws to live with these limmerick joke making types.

The Allred Family said...

I will keep you in my thoughts. SOunds like you're going through a difficult time. Are we that literal minded? I love the title of your blog. hey adequately describe your two passions- shakr and fashion. OF COURSE!

Rachel said...

So, are you guys REALLY getting a divorce??? Ha ha! (from the literal-minded sister!)

Lindsey said...

Will it be too creepy for me to still read your blog when I have only met you once (and very briefly)? And will Rebecca actually put any posts on "her" blog?!

Jo said...

So funny Chris! You and Rebecca kind of are from different sides of the universe aren't you?

Christian said...

lol to the limmerick joke, Ange.

Lindsey, not creepy at all. You have some of the funniest comments, so i'd be sad if you didn't.