June 10, 2009


I don’t typically do B-day tributes but I am going to make an exception in Eliza’s case because A. she does these b-day tributes for everyone else, and B. Younger siblings naturally complement their older siblings--an older sibling usually knows how brilliant or holy or awesome their younger sibling thinks they are--but the niceties don’t flow as easily downstream. The younger sibling might know that their croquet ability or shoe fashion sense is admired, and that’s as good as it gets. Then it all changes when the older siblings get into their 70s and their youngers have a few good years to mock the broken hips and uncontrolled public flatulence. Eliza is a victim of this evil tradition, so she deserves a write up from me, not as her older brother, but simply as Sharkman, citizen of the world.

Eliza has always been one of the most interesting people you know. From the time she was 5 or 6 and sprained her ankle and had 2 little American twins who were somehow born with British accents follow her around the backyard with pillows to lay her ankle on, to the time she admitted on her blog that she runs out onto the golf course whenever it rains, sobbing and mumbling things about Mr. Darcy, to anytime you hang out with her for 5 minutes, she is always capable of being very funny, interesting, smart, engaging, self aware, original, helpful, patient, merciful, wise, loving, open, generous, extremely attuned, selfless, and game, game, game. Piggy is always game for anything social and fun. That’s a huge deal to me. She is a great mom and has a strong and deep soul. And when she dances, man, she leaves it all on the floor.

Everyone has a few people that fall into the category of “always comfortable and always fun to be around.” Eliza is on my list and, I’m sure, the same list of many others.

I’m so grateful Lizey was born 23 or 24 years ago because she has added so much color, wit, goodness, and great times to the family and to my life.

Happy birthday, Pig.



Eliza said...

chris that was such a great surprise. lol to the title, I was expecting to see a picture of someone pigging out on their birthday cake. funny. Anyway, that was really sweet and meant the world, thank you sooooo much!!

Andrea W. said...

Very sweet, Christian. Good point about younger siblings not knowing how older ones feel about them. Never thought of that, too busy reveling in all the adoration I'm getting from all my younger siblings :) We love you too! Anyway, great post!

Greg said...

Chris, I mean Sharkman, way to go!
Such sweet and true insights about your sweet, multi-faceted little sister.

Jana said...

Eliza is a doll. I'll never forget the time you got mad at me for calling a singer's voice "sensual" in front of her. And she was 18 at the time. Thanks Bishop Bell.

Lindsey said...

Whoever Greg is (your dad?), I thought he said "multi-faced little sister" and I was a bit concerned.

I am aware of how annoying it is to get a comment from me one of your posts, but this made me want to cry! So sweet. I was just wishing my big brother would say something half as nice about me!

Jo said...

Yes, the Greg one was me-- Jo.

Braden said...

Kook, that was really, really great. Well done. LOL about the golf course in the rain. I totally forgot about that.