April 26, 2010

Utah, Half Marathon, and some Motivation

So, we went to Utah a couple weeks ago. We love being in Utah with Christian's family. Oliver got to attend his cousin Benny's birthday, we spent some time in Provo with my fun sister, Julie, and I got to have a few Demarle parties with my sisters-in-law.

Oliver ready for some cake at Benny's bash.

Oliver's attempt at the pinata.

I only got a couple pictures in Utah- I'm so bad about remembering to take them! We had to come home to Albuquerque a little earlier than we would have liked because I was running in the Albuquerque half marathon on Saturday. There were like 10 people from our ward running it, so it was really fun to be there with everyone. The temperature couldn't have been better, but it had rained really hard the night before and since the first 2-3 miles were through a dirt field, it made for a VERY muddy day. My shoes still haven't recovered. I got third in my age group and got as an award a... medal same as the finisher's medal!! Yeah!! I'm going to refrain from posting a picture of me post-race because I always regret my sweaty, puffy-faced portrait.

The kiddos waiting for Momma at the finish.

On a side note, I am training for the Utah Valley Marathon on June 12th right now and let's just say I'm a little burned out. I've been training for marathons for a year now and I need some new motivation! Any ideas? Anyone want to run with Utah Valley with me? :) Also, I get almost unbearably nervous at races. We're talking throwing up nervous and it literally makes me sick to my stomach- any ideas on this one??? I'm desperate for some advice!


Braden said...

I feel really un-guy like saying this, but I like your new background. Love those pictures of Ollie at the birthday.

Jami said...

I don't have any great motivational advice (do you have a GPS? that makes it more fun for me), but I found out something that really helped my stomach DURING the race (not necessarily with nerves before) but I took two immodium tablets about an hour before the race--it really seemed to help with stomach cramps during the race--then took two more right after. Good luck at your race!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Wow--you're amazing to go so fast. Good luck in Utah Valley. I know how you feel about being burned out. I get tired of running after a marathon and have to switch to something else.

The Allred Family said...

NO ideas for motivation. Just looking at my muffin top and my cottage cheese got me motivated to run a half in June in NC. But you don't have that. Maybe you should get some and then you'd be motivated! :) j/k

Jo said...

It was so great to have you guys here, and to watch your very professional Demarle demonstration!

Advice for the marathon burnout-- maybe you just need a break? Congrats on your great finish (after almost superhuman endurance)!

BTW, I think I recognize the little cars Oliver is clutching. Glad he likes them!

Andrea W. said...

I'm with Claire, no motivation like some chubbiness :) So are you guys staying here through the 12th? If you run a 10K I'd try that with you but sorry a marathon is not happen'!

Andrea W. said...

BTW, I have been really frustrated with my chocolate chip cookies lately they're so hit and miss. Well, I used my new silpat and perforated baking sheet and they were SO GOOD, just like my friend's mom's used to be - perfection! Loving my stuff.

Andrea W. said...

Wow, okay 3rd comment. Just had to clarify when I said "I'm with Claire..." I didn't mean to say Claire and I are in the same boat, she looks fabulous.

Katherine Lewis said...

Reba - I'm impressed. Just impressed. I have no good ideas to share or advice to give. I'm just impressed that you find the time and energy to run and train when you have 2 busy kids, a household to maintain, a husband and kids to feed every night, and a MILLION other things to do.....good work. I want to be more like you.

Good luck with your upcoming races!