September 9, 2011

Oliver's Bday Party

So, after our family birthday celebration for Oliver on his actual birthday, we had friends over for another birthday party that weekend. I didn't realize what I was getting myself in to and perhaps there are people that are reading this that also don't know about parties for kids so I'm going to include a few helpful tips that I learned from this experience: 1) invite only as many kids as your child is years old (ex: Oliver is 5, I should have invited 5 kids, not 10) 2) no kid party for any sane parent should last any longer than 1 1/2 hours 3) lunch is not necessary and will most likely not even be eaten 4) kids know how to entertain themselves, let them do it as much as possible. ...and you're welcome.
Alright, so Oliver really had a ball. We had a lady who does face painting come and paint all the kids arms/faces. Her work was incredible. We had a bubble gum blowing contest, a balloon-popping contest, the kids decorated and played with swords, they made their own pizzas, and then we had cake and presents. Whew- sounds like a lot. It was. I'm afraid the rest of our kids aren't going to be having parties until they're 12 years old. :)

The face painter

The kiddos showing off their arm paintings

The sword play

The bubble gum blowing contest

Oliver's snake cake

The presents


Claire said...

you did go all Looks and sounds exhausting. GREAT tips. SOOO true. The lunch thing=- usually onlt the parents and oher sbilings eat it anyway (rude, huh?). Don't people know that the party food is for the kids who were actually invited to the party not their other 6 siblings. UGH. :)

Rachel said...

Looks like a fun/crazy party!! Lucky Oliver. :) That is ALOT of kids...I did the same thing with Taylor's 5th (I was also pregnant) and I about passed out after everyone left. Never again.