October 18, 2011

Goodbye, Summer

We're sad to say goodbye to summer here in Utah. Especially when we think of the long winter months ahead. But, Fall has been nice so far and we're going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Amelia is really going to miss the sprinklers- she would beg to go out whenever they came on.

A last summer run through the sprinklers with the neighbor kids.

Amelia is so nice to share her bed with her baby, Tami during nap time. She actually doesn't do much without her baby, Tami.

Oliver spent about an hour dreaming up and creating this domino art. He is quite the artist. We still aren't sure where he gets it from.

Cruising in our neighbor's Hummer.


Jo said...

So glad to see the posts, Rebecca. I love them!

Kids do love running through the sprinklers. Looks like they're loving life!

I love how maternal Amelia is already. Lucky Tami!

And oh my goodness what a domino creation. The boy has some serious talent!

Anna W. said...

i love amelia and oliver! ollie looks so cute in his race car costume and i love the pictures of amelia on the horse and how she wasn't scared! i absolutely love the picture of her in her diaper running in the sprinklers!!!