January 11, 2012


I couldn't put up a post about the new baby without first doing Christmas. So, here's a snapshot of the big day.

Davis and Melissa came over for Christmas Eve dinner and brought Oliver and Amelia some gifts that they loved (cars for O and princess jewelry for A).

Christmas morning

After opening the big haul. Amelia was in heaven with her new princess dress (b/c her old one is in shreds) and Oliver loved all his new games.

We decided to take the kids swimming the day after Christmas as kind of a last outing before the baby. Amelia wasn't sure if we were going swimming or disco dancing.

Christmas was great and very low-key this year. The great thing was that my kids finally "got it." They were SO excited for Santa to come. They tore in to their presents and loved everything. Christmas is so magical when you have kids.


Andrea W. said...

Darling pictures. Oliver and Amelia are both at such fun ages for Christmas. I can't wait to see Eloise post!