March 12, 2012

Potty Training and 2 Months

It feels like Spring here today and I am loving it! It's been a super mild winter, but when it starts to warm up here, I seriously get giddy inside. Oliver, who prays every night that he'll get to wear short-sleeves and shorts, was so excited to put on a short-sleeve shirt today! He's outside playing as I write this. I fully expect to not see him until dinner time. He made a "camp-site" in an empty lot by our house where he found an old (disgusting, but I'm biting my tongue in the name of imaginative play) lawn chair pad that he "sleeps" on and has arranged a pile of sticks in to a "fire." Amelia and he love to go out there and "camp." It made me remember my days of "camping" in our backyard growing up, though I think I remember it more as playing "being homeless." Weird how times change. Anyway, on to recent happenings...

Amelia's friend, Kailey, gave her this Spiderman (woman??) dress. Fits her like a glove, though it is a tad bit revealing.

Christian and I both joke that when Eloise sees Amelia coming, she gets really scared and with a fast wiggle and arm-wave, tries as hard as she can to get away. Amelia loves Eloise- sometimes a bit too much, as you can see from Eloise's face.:)

Oliver and I hit up Home Depot last weekend for their kids' workshop. We made this really cool car. It was so fun. They do it the first Saturday of every month and it's totally free and they make the coolest toys. I highly recommend it. So does Oliver.

Amelia has discovered the power of the stool. The sky's the limit now with what she can get in to.

Sledding at the cabin in Sundance. We went up there and stayed with Davis and Melissa last Monday night and it was so nice and fun. We ate chili, sat in the hot tub for 3 hours, and unfortunately did not get around to roasting s'mores.

Christian took the kids out for a few sledding runs before it got dark at the cabin.

Snuggle time on a Saturday morning watching Animal Planet with Daddy.

Eloise "waking up" for feeding time.

Guess who's potty trained?? AMELIA!! Yeah! She earned this awesome Sleeping Beauty wand when she went a whole day without any accidents.

She loves going on the potty and seriously goes like 12 times a day. To say I hate this phase of toddler-ship is an understatement. Her hands are seriously dry and cracked from all the hand-washing.

2 months old

She's still the best baby and I'm still 100% in love.


Rachel said...

Your posts are always so fun to read! I really wish I could hold Eloise- she is getting SO big. I love that Oliver plays "camping"- I guess thats what you do when you live in Utah....makes sense. :) (And why we'd play "homeless" during our years in GA- hahaha!!)

Rachel and Eric said...

I love your kids! Oliver is so imaginative--if our kids have half the imagination that he does, I'll be happy. Also, Amelia is looking seriously cute lately, and I sitll feel like Eloise doesn't look like either of them. I am DREADING potty training Lucy. I'm going to put it off until I absolutely have to. We can't wait to see you guys soon! I have a feeling we're going to be playing a lot of Wits and Wagers...

Claire Allred said...

She is so freakin cute. I cannot figure her our tho. She does not look like your child!!! She kinda could be mine tho. :) I see what you mean about her and Charlotte. And I totally remembering playing "homeless". That made me laugh out loud.

Claire Allred said...

BTW- I cannot believe Amelia is trained! how old is she? I thought she wasn't even 3 yet...GO YOU!

JoLynn Bell said...

Oh what a great post, Rebecca! Such cute pictures of the kids! Hearing about Oliver playing camping reminds me of my childhood days in a vacant field, only I think the theme was usually "pioneers". We also used to make great huts out of all of the discarded Christmas trees in the neighborhood (which was a LOT back then). Rich!

Congrats on the potty training-- such a milestone!

Love seeing little Eloise. I agree-- not sure who she looks like, but she sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

great news!! much easier to play with her p-ssy in knickers plus I can take her knickers to smell that lovely p-ssy/pee mix