June 10, 2012


We've moved to Texas, y'all (I can finally say that again without being ridiculed.). After spending most of my life in the Dirty South, I've finally returned to my roots. Christian got his first facility as a SNF administrator in Temple, TX, so we moved about 3 weeks ago to Central Texas to a little town called Belton. We really miss living close to our Utah family and my kids frequently ask when they are going to see their cousins and grandparents in Utah, but other than that, we are loving it here. We live right next to a gorgeous lake that makes me feel like I'm on vacation all the time and it's green, hilly, and hot. VERY hot. Not as humid as I thought it might be, though, which is great. We're living in an apartment until we find/build a home. Anyway, we really are liking it here so far and are excited to get out and explore more of Texas.
BTW- interesting fact: they have Texas Edition Chevrolets here. They are bigger and brighter and they say "Texas Edition" all over them. I guess everything CAN be bigger in Texas. Also, they have cowboy churches. Yep, that's right. You might ask, "What's a cowboy church?" Good question. Don't know. Oh, and Blue Bell ice cream. 'Nuf said.

 Pigtails and 'puters.
 First try at rice cereal and it's a no-go.

 Just doing some new boot scootin'.


Andrea W. said...

So good to hear from you! So good to see your faces. Josh has been asking about Amelia and Oliver and I have had a pit in my stomach every time I think about how far away you guys are. I'm glad things seem to be going well. We miss you all sooooooo much!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

hopefully we can come visit you on our drive east this summer! Glad you're liking it! Love Amelia's boots!

Connie said...

After living in the Philippines, is there really anything hotter or more humid??? Love the pictures
Love you all! of your cute little family!!