December 6, 2007


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a die-hard summer fan. Trivial Pursuit question (from the real game), and one I happen to personally agree with: “What’s the one bad thing about summer?”Answer: Sharks. I’m liking summer less and less as the sharks are getting cockier and cockier. For real, what exactly do they want from us anyway? Haven’t they taken enough from us? Seriously, what else can they take? Our self respect? Well, news flash, sharks of the world, we haven’t had that since you bozos started attacking (gratuitously, I might add) us in our own rivers a century ago. But that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, I’m a big summer guy; always counting it my favorite season. But lately I’ve awakened to the benefits of cold weather. Everything you do inside is so much more gratifying when it’s cold outside. Think about it. Eating in, eating out, reading, watching movies, sleeping, driving, hanging out with friends. Then you add Christmas decorations to the cold weather and HELLO you’ve just made a cozy time even cozier. Add Hanukah to that and you’ve made a cozier time even Koshier. I usually think of winter as depressing, so I can’t get over how happy I’ve been during this one. It also can’t hurt that this winter I love my work (CEO of a prestigious company here in Albuquerque) and have a puppy-boy to play with everyday. So here’s to good times in the winter.


Wishing I was back in NY!

(Reba and I lived there for a while and for those of you who haven’t, don’t even try to understand. For those who have, you totally know what I’m talking about!)


Andrea W. said...

LOL. What does Bel Biv Devoe mean? I totally agree, winter is so cozy and gratifying. It's too bad you don't live where winter is for real. I totally know how you feel about NY too.

Ryan said...

LOL on koshier, Kook. And this is actually a very good observation. I've never realized it consciously, but that's exactly how I feel. Last night I sat in the armchair with my feet up next to the fire just writing. Pretty humdrum under normal circumstances, but with the Christmas tree glowing, and the wind blowing outside? Fantastic. (Also helps that I somehow convinced the kids to put themselves to bed, for literally the first time EVER.)

Rachel Crofts said...

Sharks? You don't like them? I find that interesting, considering your nickname...or do you have your friends call you by such name so that these animals have less of a hold on your darkest fears? Something to think on as you lay cozy in your Christmasy environment there in ABQ.

Jo said...

"Everything you do inside is so much more gratifying when it’s cold outside." Great insight, Chris. So true!

LOL Rachel!

kateworthi said...

I think you are just hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh. And, as an avid Trivial Pursuit fan: What the crap? That is so something that some clever writer thought they could just sneak in and tick people off with when they answer wrong. Trivial Pursuit is not riddles, which that kinda sounds like. But seriously, that is so funny, and the Hannukah thing - priceless! Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas, which it sounds like you're definitely having, Reba's cousin, Katie Worthington

Shauna said...

you are a maniac. Koshier isnt even a word.