December 15, 2008

Birthday Lady

Happy birthday to Reba. She really doesn't like to be called Reba, but when I've tried to call her Rebecca she thinks I'm mad at her. Anyway, Happy birthday to Rebecca Grace Jewkes Bell.

She's getting up there in years (27) so I think it might be nice to help her pass this difficult birthday with a mutual tribute to her. For those who want to participate, please answer the following two questions:

  1. What's one of your favorite memories of or with Rebecca?
  2. What's one of your favorite things about Rebecca?

I'll share mine. Note, I don't expect your memory or favorite thing to be long, like mine. A couple sentences are fine.

1. One of my favorite memories with Rebecca is when she was pregnant with Oliver. She was having severe early contractions and was put on bed rest (or, at least, her version of it) which was very, very hard on her. We rented a wheelchair for her and almost every night we would drive a few miles to a beautiful neighborhood that had a big pond people would walk or rollerblade around. I would push her and we would wheel around the pond talking for a half hour or hour. It was sad to see such an active person cooped up in a little apartment with few friends and no family around, and these old person walks were about all she had to look forward to. It gave us a chance to talk and hang out alone with no distractions and before long these walks became the highly anticipated best part of my day too.

2. One of my favorite things about Rebecca is the way her face sparkles when she talks. I don't know how to describe it, but it is one of the sparkliest faces I've ever scene and you probably know what I'm talking about. It's very charming. In addition, but in the same family, is the expressiveness her face has when she speaks. That's the first thing I fell in love with; the many animated faces she makes when she talks. If I try to make the faces I look goofy, but they're all pretty on her.

Another thing I love about her is her transparent honesty. It's hard for Rebecca to hide how she truly feels about things, which makes for some cute, funny reactions to things.

Happy Birthday, Reebs.


Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

Happy B-Day REBA!!!! One of my favorite memories...hmmm. It's more of a period of time. I just remember thinking of you and Rachel as my BF's in middle school. We had so much fun with the Akl's....getting taxis and going to the movies. FUN! Something I love about you is your openness with talking about the gospel. You'll share your feelings/thoughts about the gospel to anyone.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

opps....that was claire posting under em's name. I'm sure you knew that.

Tristen said...

Favorite memory: DEFINITELY the Christmas party planning and activity planning for the Meadowview ward. Good times. :)

I think Rebecca is one of the most fun, honest friends ever! It was so fun being pregnant together, coming over to your house as pre-baby couples, getting to know you guys. Happy birthday Rebecca, we miss you!

Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! I really was going to write you an email, but then I saw this, so I'll just kill two birds with one stone.
1) Favorite memory, hmm, pretty much any time she gets all riled up and wants to beat someone into the ground, or when she just blurts out the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like how bringing her flowers is sooo creepy ; ) lol.
2) I just love Reba right now I just have a huge smile on my face, she can crack me up like no one can, and yet I admire her so much. She is everything I'm not and then some, she is so on top of it, disciplined, intelligent, sincere, extroverted, charming, passionate, witty, and just good times. She is such a great mom, and I love how much her adoration shows on her face when she speaks of ollie, so sweet. Anyway, I am soooo glad you married her chris, good work! oh and cute memory that is really really sweet. love the sparkly thing, I totally know what you mean.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

First of all, Christian, you get like 10 points on your awesome husband score. Way to go.
As for Reba, one of my favorite memories is playing the Wii and you jumping up in the air like you're really serving a tennis ball. Or when you and Garrick get arguing over something. So funny- and I love that you put him in his place. Hilarious. Or planning Carrie's baby shower, thank goodness you are on top of things and can fix really bad chocolate disasters... There's so many great memories with you so thank you for them. I really admire you as a woman, wife and mother. Oh, and I love your zig-zag finger snap when you are really into a topic. :) Happy B-day!!!!

Macy said...

Happy Birthday , Rebecca!

Rebecca is so fun to talk to because she is so passionate about things. She has thought things out and seems to know how she feels about almost anything. She has a really strong sense of who she is and what she wants in life, and I admire that so much. She is also really spiritually driven and along with her great discipline that makes for a really devoted person who is definitely going places.

I love chatting with Rebecca. She is so fun to talk to. Happy Day Rebecca. I hope you had a fun , relaxing one.

Andrea W. said...

Rebecca!!!! I'm so sorry that I'm a day late, dang it! If I only I were more like you and organized in my life :)

What a great tribute, Christian. I loved reading what you wrote. (This does probably mean that you have to do one for him though, Rebecca :))

Okay a favorite memory of Rebecca is you and I went somewhere alone together once, I think maybe the store? Anyway, I just remember loving having the opportunity to chat with you one on one and how easy you were to talk with. I remember really enjoying that opportunity to get to know you better.

One of my favorite things about you is that you have this super rare combination of being amazingly competent and confident while still having such child-like humility and teachableness (is that a word)? I'm so glad you became my sister, happy birthday!!!

Jo said...

Chris, I've never really focused on it, but I couldn't agree more about her sparkly, expressive face. She is truly radiant. I love it!

My favorite memory of Rebecca is whenever she's been so openly honest that some people aren't quite prepared for it-- like the now-famous joke she told at that pizza restaurant (before we knew her very well!).

Part of my favorite memory is your reactions to this open-ness. She has the distinction of being the only one I've ever seen make you, Christian, look like a proper old lady.

I also love her genuine goodness and spirituality; but probably my favorite thing about her is her ability to make her mother and father-in-law feel special and loved. This is a rare and wonderful gift. She has been a great adopted daughter to us and we're so thankful to have her in our family!

Eric said...

Okay, I can't think of one outstanding memory because every memory of Rebecca is a great one and makes me laugh! She will think that's a lie, but it's true! BUT, I do have one little favorite and it was the time that Rebecca taught me and Eric how to snap like a real Georgia girl. The most important part is to make a Z and do it with attitude!

Now I have a few favorite things about Rebecca. 1. She is the only person who genuinely enjoys treats as much as me and she is always willing to let me eat her dough. She will totally binge and it makes me feel good that I'm not the only one.
2. She will get really competitive during games, unlike other duds I know.
3.She is always honest with me and gives me good advice. She always takes my side and tells me that my whining is justified.

Braden and Meredith said...

Happy birthday Reba! Sorry to be a little late. Things have been crazy lately.
Ok, my favorite memory of Reba is of the Christmas break where we met at some park half-way between GA and TN. You took us out to lunch and bowling. After, we walked around at a park. It was really our first chance to get to know her that well and we were both so smitten with what a great, all-around, fun, righteous, neat person she was and we spent most of the drive home talking about how glad we were that you had the good sense to marry her.

I love what you said about her sparkly face. That is a really good way to describe that. I think the thik I most admire about her is what an honest, upfront person she is. She seems to be so comfortable with who she is and doesn't try to be anything or anyone she's not. I also really admire her support of you in starting a business.

Aubrey, Josh, and Caden said...

Happy Birthday, I hope it was awesome! I can't pick just one lunch date! (c: You are always so much fun and I always love talking to you....I think that is probably my favorite thing about you are so easy to talk to, maybe that comes from the whole very honest aspect of your personality! oh and you are absolutely adorable all the time! (c:

Jana said...

Happy Birthday!

Patti said...

I'm waaay late, but my 'favorite' memory of "Prissy" (her nickname before Reba) is when I would chase you and Rachel around the house trying to get you both to bed. Seriously, you two were so devious as youngsters, lol! But you've both turned out so sweet. Oh, and I also remember the first time I met Christian--I think right before you were engaged--at my brother's homecoming. We had a long talk in which you were freaking out that it was so soon, yet you knew it was right. You were both so in love. It was really sweet. Don't ever forget how you felt back then!

I love how beautiful and confident you are. I totally know what Christian means about sparkling--it just exudes from you. Hope your birthday was fun!

shelley said...

How cute is that! I hope you had a great birthday... (and Christmas :)