December 12, 2008

It Again

My friend, Rachel, tagged me, so here goes:

4 Things I did yesterday

*Went on a little jog with Ollie in the double jogger I bought on craigslist- had to stop at the end because I got a really painful cramp (again!)

*Made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch for Oliver and my friend, Rachel

*Made 2 batches of cookies (chocolate peanut butter chip and M&M cookies)

*Went to my first-ever gift card exchange Christmas party

4 things I'm looking forward to

*Opening this huge Christmas present that arrived yesterday- I have NO idea what it is and I'm no good at surprises. I want to know!

*You know those wheels that gerbils run around and around on in their cages? Well, sometimes I feel I have a little gerbil inside me running on one of those wheels and frankly, I'm excited to get it out (15 weeks left and counting)!

*Going out to a nice restaurant on my birthday (hint, hint).

*Seeing the excitement in Oliver's eyes when he sees the Cars paraphanelia we got him for Christmas.

4 Restaurants I like

*Cafe Rio


*Paradise Cafe

*Potbelly's (best turkey sandwiches in the world, only in Dallas)

4 Favorite TV shows

*30 Rock

*The Office

*Kath & Kim (can you tell waht I'm doing on Thursday nights???)

*The Bachelor


Rachel said...

I love the shout-out to Dallas you included- Potbelly's does make the yummiest sandwiches! :)

Andrea W. said...

We ate a Potbelly's in the Chicago airport and LOVED it. I'm sorry you're having cramps. 15 weeks left, wow!

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Okay, you guys aren't leaving town till the 23rd right? Well we're coming on the 20th (sat) so maybe we could get together that night or monday or something. I want to see lil Ollie this time too!

Braden and Meredith said...

That was fun to read. Sorry about the cramps. Love the gerbil wheel analogy!

Jo said...

Rebecca, I never thought of the image of the rowdy gerbils, but that's a great analogy. We can't wait to see that restless little girl!

Is that big present from us and your parents by chance?

rebabell said...

yes, it is jolynn!

Eliza said...

wow I am super impressed with your ultra productive day, i guess I shouldn't be surprised but wow you are amazing. I love all those shows you mentioned those are the only ones I faithfully watch, I kind of wish they were spread out more over the week.

Jana said...

30 Rock is pure genius. You guys are going to have one cute gerbil on your hands.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

i love kath and kim too. funny stuff. i am kinda offended you didn't put cafe pig as one of your faves. where's the love for ga??? :)

Tara said...

First: Happy Birthday yesterday! I thought of you! Second of all, I didn't know you bought your double stroller off of Craigs List! Awesome! I need to check that baby out! THIRD of all, I'm SO excited for the Bachelor this year! We might need to have GNOs just to watch that one!!!