July 29, 2009

Coda Comes to Town and Celebrating the 4th

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I blogged! Ahhhh!
My aunt Jana and her daughter, Kailey drove through Albuquerque a few weeks ago on their way to Utah and stayed a night with us. It was really fun to catch up with them. Jana gives a whole new meaning to the word dog-lover with her little bijon frise named Coda. Oliver followed Coda around EVERYWHERE for the whole 10 hours they were here screaming, "Coda, where are you, Coda, come here, Coda, where are you...??!!" The day before Jana and Kailey came, Oliver was running around the house with one of his blankets and tripped and fell. Neither Christian nor I was there to see the tumble, but we're pretty sure he hit his head on the fireplace where we found him. We took him straight to the doctor and the poor little guy had to get three stitches right in the middle of his forehead. It was so heartbreaking to hear him scream and cry when they were stitching him up.

We had a great 4th of July this year. We had 2 families from our ward over- the Lee's and the Wagner's. The kids played in our kiddie pool outside while the adults chatted and BBQ'd steak and chicken. Christian made his icnreasingly famous homemade salsa and guac and they were definitely a hit with our guests. After dinner, we had a miniature fireworks show in our backyard. It was a really fun day and I'm really grateful for this free country that we live in.


Amelia on the 4th

Oliver and Makenna. Right under the bandaid are the stitches.

Me, Kristie, and Kim.

Enjoying the fireworks show.

Can't do the 4th without sparklers...


Tara Fears said...

So, I'm reading this blog and thinking to myself, "Why have I never tried Christian's ever increasingly popular Salsa and Guac?" Should I be offended? I LOVE LOVE LOVE home-made salsa and especially home made guac! I'm thinking this alone is a good excuse to have a party VERY SOON! :)

Aubrey, Josh, Caden &Skylar said...

How stinkin' CUTE Amelia is! What a doll. And poor Oliver, that is my big fear with Caden of having to go to the ER, I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time...(c: Speedy recovery, Oliver! (c;

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Glad to see your are finally back to blogging! Anyway, it sounds like Ollie needs a dog, what do you think? Haha :)
Sounds like a fun 4th, Oliver and Amelia are soooo cute!
BTW, it was so fun seeing you guys when we were in town. We miss you guys!!! And next time we come you'll just have to designate some "Haymoe" time so we can get te kids together! ;