July 29, 2009

Quick Trip to Utah

We went to Utah a few weeks ago for a long weekend. We packed a TON in in a few short days and had an awesome time. Christian tubed down the Weber River, we spent a day at Cherry Hill water park (while my MIL, JoLynn generously watched our kids which made this the highlight of the trip for me), rented jet skis at Pineview Dam, Christian played golf with his brothers and brothers-in-law, I ran a 10K at the Farmington Festival Days, we ate at the yummiest restaurant in Bountiful (Sego Lily), had a picnic and games at the park, and squeezed in lots of chatting and hanging out. Oliver loves his Bell cousins and just seems to pick where he left off the last time he was with them. Its weekends like this that make us really wish we lived closer to family.

Natey, Anna, Abby, and Ollie.

Playing marbles with his cousin Benny who broke his leg a few days before we got there.

The fam at Pineview.

Don't look to closely at this one- it's scary. The 10K course was really beautiful and the weather was perfect. I would highly recommend this race to anyone and hope to be able to run it again.


Andrea W. said...

What fun pictures, it's good to see what went on while I was in post-partum la-la land. I think it's so cool you guys did that 10K, maybe I'll start training right now and do it next year :) We miss you guys!

Aubrey, Josh, Caden &Skylar said...

You wonder woman you! Go Rebecca! Looks like fun, i wish my stupid foot would heal up so I could start my exercising again! (c;

Jo said...

Rebecca, thanks for sharing the pictures. Such fun times!

What do you mean "don't look too closely" re the one of you running?! You'd look great even if you hadn't had a baby just a few months ago. But considering you did--wow.

Macy said...

It was a fun weekend. Glad you guys made it out with your cute kids.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

A 10K?! You are amazing! I only wish! haha. Hey, so I was thinking about you and how you are a crazy workout/running goddess and I want you to come do the Bisbee 1000. It's a 5K plus 1000 steps. Supposedly it's a lot of fun, but sounds like torture to me. I still think I'm gonna do it though. It's only a 1/2 hour from our house so you have a place to stay. Think about it! ;)