November 1, 2009


What are your favorite games to play with your young kids (Oliver is 3)?




Stef and Bry said...

hide and seek is good. Also, may sound weird but if you get a paint brush and some water and let him loose on your sidewalks that will entertain him for a while. Animals and little Star Wars guys. A somple memory game is good...big puzzles, blocks...we love blocks...Elefun is fun. Hungry Hippos. Also, if you get one of those small parachutes, kids play for hours with those things. good luck!

Tara Fears said...

So, the other night we played this game with these two young kids, it was called Pictureka...or something like that. I thought it was fun...and they TOTALLY thought it was fun. I think it would be a great game to stimulate the brain too! :)

* said...

The other day I took all three of my girls on a beautiful trail outside by our home. We brought an old, empty formula can and called it their "Nature Treasure Box" and they were supposed to find different things in nature that they thought were interesting and put it in the can. They LOVED it...we were outside for two hours! They found pretty fall leaves, nuts, branches, rocks, etc. I even let them climb on trees and get dirty (eek!). Then, we found trees that had cool shapes (some that looked like letters, a bench, bumpy trees, etc.) So, I guess what I'm trying to say is to take a nature walk.

JLR said...

Bear Skin! You turn off all the lights in the house and put your kid in the bathroom (light on) while you hide somewhere in the house. Then they come out and creep around the house looking for you, and you jump out and scare the boogers out of them. Its pretty complicated, but what do you expect my dad made it up (I think). I just started taking Wendel fishing, but now that its getting cold I am at a loss for what we can do to hang out.

Jill Bagley said...

ummm---ya, im struggling with this one.
we play a game called spider and fly. i take blankets and i wrap him up as the fly. he has to get caught in my web. and then i eat him when he is all wrapped up. and i pretend he is the fly and im the spider ( or vice versa) . and i play-bite his body and neck. my kids love it. but it is kinda morbid :)
i get out the homemade playdough, and give them a million different kitchen tools ( garlic press, cookie cutters) ---a lot of these are specially made for kids, but some are from my kitchen. and i let my kids go nuts with the playdough. sometimes i let him bring his own dinosaurs and cars to put in the playdough. or i show him how to make fake cakes and cookies. im sure you already do that.
but anyway---that post cracked me up!! i can say that im glad Ezra is in preschool. and next year, he is going every day!! yay!!

Jill Bagley said...

ps---hungry hungry hippos annoys the crap out of me!! dont get that game unless you like noise---or you have a separated toy room or something.
its soooo loud!

Brynn said...

duck duck goose is fun and they have a blast!