February 16, 2010

Valentine's Week

The week started out great with a Valentine Cookie Exchange at my friend, Kristie's house. We each brought a couple dozen cookies, ate to our heart's content (and a little beyond probably) and then took about dozen cookies home. It was so fun to hang out with just the girls and to eat my favorite dessert!

Is your mouth watering? Because it should be. These cookies tasted every bit as good as they looked.

Kristie (the craft queen) made these water bottles with Valentine messages on them for the party.

Then, a few days later, I took Amelia to have her pictures taken by a girl that just moved in to our ward. She's an incredible photographer, as you can see. See her website here.

On Saturday morning when I woke up, Christian had spread little hearts all around the house with reasons why he loves me. Sooo sweet and fun to read. He's really getting good at this gift-giving thing. Then, he packed the kids up to come watch me run a Valentine 5K. Just so you know, I have placed 3rd for women in just about every race I've ever run here in Albuquerque. But, the curse was lifted I guess and I had a great race and I won 1st place for women! Yeah!!
That night, Christian put together a fun date night for us- doing all of my favorite things around town.

Sunday morning, I got up and made heart-shaped pancakes and buttermilk syrup. Christian had, once again, surprised me with little cut-out hearts all around the house that led to a very unexpected gift- a book I've been wanting:

Then, later that day Christian and Oliver decorated sugar cookies while I attempted to make heart-shaped pizza that ended up looking more like the silhouette of Jabba the Hut. Oh well.

It was such a fun week. I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate the love I feel for my kids and husband on Valentine's Day. Yeah, I know it's a big commercialized thing nowadays, but sometimes it's just nice to set aside a day to really reflect on the love I feel for my family. I have 2 amazing, wonderful kids that I love more than life itself and a husband that is so sweet, sensitive, caring, loving, hard-working, handsome, smart, and really funny. I love them all soooo much and that is all the mushiness you're going to get out of me on this blog...:)


Andrea W. said...

Wow, so impressed with Christian's gifts. How sweet. Also, you are wonder woman with your races and 1st place and all! Congrats, what an accomplishment. LOVE Amelia's pic, what a beauty! I really enjoyed this very mushy post :)

Jo said...

I too loved this mushy post. Such sweet actions and sentiments. Christian on gifts -- Wow!
Rebecca on winning the race-- Wow! Congratulations! Besides great physical prowess, you have such strength of will, which I so admire.

Eliza said...

Christian, I am so impressed. You totally get what valentines is all about; totally spoiling your woman. ; ) And Rebecca, holy cow, nice work on being 1st, that is super impressive. Amelia is to die for! and btw, your comment about being crafty on my blog was killing me, I sooo relate. you crack me up.

Brittany said...

Aw - fun finding your blog and reading about your life! Happy Valentine's Day long, lost friend! Love YOU!

Julie Jewkes said...

congrats on getting first place! wow!Amelia's hat- to.die.for.

Jessica Sedgwick said...

That picture of Amelia is beautiful. Post more! I can't believe you won first place. That's awesome! And Christian--good job. I like your shirt, too. :)

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Sounds like a perfect week! Way to go on your race, that's so awesome! Also, I totally love that pic of Amelia, I hope you'll post more. :)

Amanda said...

What a fun week! Congrats on your race - that is awesome! You look great, very fit. You will have to tell me if you like that book.
Beautiful picture of Amelia :)