September 22, 2010

Oliver turns 4!! And more!!

Ok, so this is ALMOST a month late. But, my goal for getting this up was within a month of his b-day, so I'm doing just fine by my book.:) We had such a fun day together- doing all of Oliver's favorite things: library, pool, Provo Bakery for a doughnut, lots and lots of treats, and hamburgers for dinner. If it were up to me, I would have just stuck some candles in a cake and called it good. But, thanks to Aunt Julie, Oliver got balloons, a motorcycle for the top of his cake, and even a few more presents. (I'm not a big , extravagant birthday person, never have been, probably never will be.) Beau, Amy, Seth, and Julie all joined us for burgers and cake and it was a really great day for my sweet, little Oliver.
Oliver really is one of the sweetest, most tender boys. He loves to snuggle and give loves. He is very creative and can draw houses, cars, and trucks better than his Mom. He also knows how to write his entire alphabet (thank you, Super Why). He loves music and can pick up a tune and memorize a song within just a few times of hearing it. He's a very good imitator, too, just like his Daddy. He loves his little sister, Amelia and they play so well together (most of the time). He is VERY social- loves to play with other kids- girl, boy, younger, or older. He is such a handsome, fun little guy and we love him soooooo much!

The handsome birthday boy with his chocolate peanut butter motorcycle cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday."

What could that be...??

A new bike!!


On another note, we gave Provo a good try, but after 3 months, we decided it wasn't for us and so we made the move up to American Fork. So far, we LOVE it. Our ward is awesome, we live in a cul-de-sac with tons of kids to play with, and it's so green and pretty here. Another exciting note:

I know some of you had your doubts about our little chickadee walking, but at the ripe age of 18 months, and only one week after entering nursery, she is really doing it.

"He he he he- I showed you guys!"


Jess & Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!! He is so handsome! I am very excited about Amelia walking. That is great news. :) It's good to hear all is well with your family. We miss you at GNO, in NM and in our ward, but glad to hear that you are enjoying american fork. Good luck to you and your family and the fun adventures :)

Macy said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! He looks so cute and old on his bike.

Oh , that face of Amelia's so dang cute and funny. Good for her.

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Oliver!!! And Congrats to Amelia! (c: (and good luck to mommy!)

Jessica Jewkes said...

Ok, first of all could your kids be any cuter??!! Truthfully, I melt when I see Oliver and then I squeal when I see Amelia. They are completely DARLING!

Secondly, I am from American Fork and I make a trip up there ALL OF THE TIME! Most of the Greg/Freddie women live in Lehi (you probably knew that). I don't know you all that well, but it could be fun to get together sometime :)

The Allred Family said...

LOL.....again and again. That pic of Amelia is so cute and HILARIOUS. She looks like the cutest fattest gremlin ever!!!!!! HAHAHA! I love those litte squinty smiles they give. My kids do it too. PB choc. cake....yum! How was it??? HAppy B-DAy big Wolly!!! He's writig his ABC's??? Wow. Link and I will crawl in a hole together.

Andrea W. said...

Cute, cute pics of cute, cute kids. Looks like a perfect Oliver birthday celebration. Yay, Amelia, can't wait to see her and Joshy toddling around together.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! I'm glad Amelia is walking...her and Oliver will be able to play so well together now. I bet he LOVED the bike he got for his b-day. So fun.

Jo said...

So good to have a post from you, Rebecca. I love them! Sounds like the perfect b-day celebration for Oliver. He is getting SO grown up. I'll be he LOVES that bike!

Can't wait to see Amelia walking. What a cutie!

Taylor and Stephanie Haught said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver! Can you believe he is 4?! We miss you guys and hope life is going well for you. Keep posting!!

Dave and Holly said...

Yea for Amelia. And what a fun bike Oliver got. Hyrum is so jealous. Dave's parents just moved to AF...that means we can come see you next time we visit, yea!

Lindsey said...

Woo- hoo!!!!! Congratulations on all counts...but especially on your escape from Provo!
Cute kids- love Amelia's pic. Send me some peanut butter/choc cake.