October 14, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I'm too lazy to write a full update. Plus, not much has been happening, so here's a picture run-down of recent happenings. Enjoy!

Doesn't this look cozy?

Amelia loves pushing this little stroller around our cul-de-sac.

At the Governor's Gala. Don't worry, I'm not 6 months pregnant. This dress was just a little too big and not a flattering cut. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Picture of all the kids on our street playing one night. And, this is basically just our family and one other. Perfect, right? We love it.

Getting ready for a cruise.

I don't know what was happening here. Oh wait, it's a head shot for one of those "sponsor a poor foreign orphan" campaigns.

Um, someone's excited about being let loose in a puddle of water with no shoes on (this was on Daddy's watch).

Pumpkin painting with Grandma (who saved the day by watching my kids so I could get away for a few hours).

Pumpkin carving with Daddy.

The finished product.

How does a child go from this (see above) to this (see below) so quickly?

Amelia obviously wasn't a fan of the mullet. But I'll tell you who was...

Uh huh, looking good!

Amelia in her new winter coat that she loves wearing... in the house.


The Allred Family said...

I love just looking at all the pics...even if you haven't written anything. Ameilia looks so much older now that she's standing up in the pics.
ps-I SO need that mullett wig

Jo said...

Oh how fun to see all those adorable pictures, Rebecca, and I loved your captions! Combined, they tell a great story.

I love Amelia in her helmet,and her changeable moods, and Oliver with his various pumpkins.

And BTW, you DON'T look pregnant at all!

Rachel and Eric said...

I appreciate the update--we miss your kids! And you guys, too! Amelia looks old! BTW, I think you looked fantastic at the governor's ball or whatever that thing was.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

amelia has changed so much! and her hair's growing like crazy. mom said you love your new place--so glad you're away from your crazy neighbors...

Anonymous said...

ameilia is so big now!!!
hope to see her soon!!!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Very cute pictures! About the puddle thing...at least she DIDN"T have shoes on, right? I mean, that's better than ruining a good pair of shoes. By the way, did you happen to find a cute pair of tennis shoes at the cabin? Hannah lost her cutest shoes (flowers and sparkles).

Andrea W. said...

So cute, Rebecca. I love the one of Oliver and Amelia in the box thing. A mullet picture is always great. I love how expressive Amelia always is. What darling kids.

Katherine Lewis said...

Dwis and Reba - Your children are beautiful. That little Ameilia is breathtaking! I love her little hair style. I am still sad that I haven't met these guys. Them seem awesome.

Jamie Jensen Hill said...

Great post and I LOVE the look on Amelia's face in that poor foreign orphan shot :) haha so great!