November 2, 2010

Fall is Definitely Here

I didn't get a single picture of Halloween, not a single one. I don't know if it was the cold or the rain or both that left me totally unmotivated to pull out my camera. So, these'll just have to do:). We've had a fun October as we've made a not-so-smooth transition from warm, summer weather in to cold, frigid fall weather. I hear so many people saying how much they love fall weather, but honestly, I'll take spring over fall any day. Because at least with spring, there's the promise of warm days and nights to come.
Anyway, so, we started the month out with a zoo outing with cousins, Belle and Abe. It was such a nice day and we had so much fun. A few days later, we headed up a canyon in SLC for a campfire/FHE with the Bells. It was so pretty with all the changing leaves and so fun to hang out around a warm fire, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Then, about a week later it snowed here. The kids were so excited to go out and play in it. Amelia lasted as long as it took her to fall down and then she wanted nothing to do with it. Oliver could have played in it all day. And he just about would have if it weren't for our friends, Dylan and Layla that came over to help us decorate Halloween sugar cookies.
Last Friday, American Fork city put on a Main Street trick-or-treat. We "visited" all the businesses on Main St for treats. I must say that AF has one of the cutest little downtowns I've ever been in with the quaintest little shops. We'll be back for sure.
On Saturday, we went up to SLC to Christian's brother, Ryan and his family's house to do the real trick-or-treating. We started the night out with delicious soup in pumpkin-shaped and colored bread bowls and finished the night with some fast, wet, cold trick-or-treating. It was pouring and we were drenched but Oliver (Thomas the Train) and Amelia (a leopard) and their little cousins didn't let that stop them from getting all the chocolate they could carry. Amelia loved going to all the houses (and would scream if we "forgot" to take her to one) and dipping her chubby little hands in the treat bowl. Oliver loved running from house to house with his cousin, Rex. Ryan and Macy have the BEST neighborhood for T-or-T'ing. A few guys from their ward even supply hot dogs, doughnuts, and hot cocoa for wearied trick-or-treaters. On Sunday, we celebrated my sister, Julie's B-day. Here's to November!

There's grocery-store-feet and then there's campfire-hands.

Playing in the leaves with one of our neighborhood friends, Parker.

Getting cozy while watching a flick together.


The Allred Family said...

I am SOOOOO disappointed to not see Haloween costumes. I thought I didn't take ENOUGH pics. Esp. the leopard...I wanna see that.

Rachel said...

LOL... campfire hands. Wal-mart has all of their costumes 50% should get some for next year.

The Haynie Family said...

better dress them back up and get a few pics!

Jo said...

Glad you posted this Rebecca. I love the zoo pictures and the leaf pictures! What's more fun for a kid than playing in leaves? Unless it's getting campfire hands!

Eliza said...

That was a fabulous update, you really are such a good writer. Sounds like fun festive times, I'm so glad we got to go to the zoo on one of the last pretty fall days, good times.

Jana said...

when did oliver turn 10?! they're getting so big.

i love american fork. pleasant grove is also the cat's meow.

Amanda said...

You should get your kids back in their Halloween costumes just to snap some pictures.
I didn't get any of Jonah last year. :)