August 25, 2011

August 2011

Amelia discovered make-up a few weeks ago. I found some old lipstick and compact and this girl went to town. I don't know who taught her how to apply it- it certainly wasn't me.

We went up Provo Canyon for FHE a couple weeks ago. We found a spot, started a fire, roasted hot dogs, played some games, and were just about to roast s'mores when a friendly passer-by informed us that there was a "NO FIRES" sign about 10 feet away from our campfire and that some kids had been ticketed a few days prior. We had some very underdone s'mores before quickly stomping the fire out. We have LOVED being so close to 2 canyons this summer and have tried to take advantage whenever possible. There is NOTHING better than a Utah summer night in the canyon.

We celebrated Uncle Seth's birthday at Provo Beach Resort with cousins Cooper, Luke, and Ethan. Here they are watching Uncle Seth tear it up on the Flowrider.

Grandma and Grandpa brought the kids some suckers from their visit to Peurto Rico. It took Oliver and Amelia days to finish them and it took a lot of discipline from me not to throw them away while they weren't looking.

At the Bell Family Reunion in Park City. Pre-lunch treat with all the cousins on PC Main Street.
The day before, we spent the whole day at Jordanelle. Oliver jumped on a tube behind a boat without even being asked. He did so well and loved every minute. He even went hands-free for a second. Wow. Amelia got on as well, with Daddy holding tight, and loved it too. If you look closely at the above pic, you can see my pregnant belly at 20 weeks. For those of you who hadn't heard, we're due January 3rd with a GIRL!

Look closely at Oliver's right leg.

Oliver's drawing of the earth. He is quite the artist and will go through phases when he will color for hours on end.

Our best friends from Albuquerque, the Alders, were in town. It was SO fun to see them and catch up. We miss them! They have two darling little girls, Lucy and baby Mae. This is Oliver's new camera face I guess.

Amelia begged to hold baby Mae the whole night. We finally consented and she was ecstatic.

Oliver's first soccer game. Which turned out to be more like a dog-piling sports event. Either way, it was so fun to watch. Oliver has a soccer prodigy on his team that scored 7 goals in the first half (15 min. halves, mind you) so Oliver didn't see a lot of action. But, he had the sloppiest grin on his face the entire game.

Dog pile # 49.

Amelia is definitely in her happy place in the pool, or any amount of water.

Last week, Aunt Meredith and Cousin David came to town. David's starting at BYU and we got together a few times to celebrate. Here's Oliver with Ben and Abe at Abe's pool.

We took a trip to Thanksgiving Point's Dinosaur Museum. It was $2 Tuesday (as opposed to $10 rip-off day). The kids had fun time digging for fossils and admiring the bones and dinos. Like $2 fun, definitely not $10 fun. :)

Amelia likes to pretend that her sippy is her baby. She tells us when the baby is crying and when it needs t o be held. She is very careful when her sippy is in "baby mode."

Snuggling her "baby" whom she affectionately named Tammy??


Andrea W. said...

LOL, Tammy? That is hilarious. Love your posts, keep them coming, please???

Eliza said...

LOVE that your blogging again. I love these updates, your commentary is killing me. Tammy? lol. and just in case you didn't know, Amelia is TO DIE FOR!

Jo said...

Oliver's drawing of the earth is so impressive. And the sucker stuck to his leg is hilarious. How can kids put up with things like that!?

So cute that Amelia has those maternal feelings, and the fact that their focused on her sippy shows that she is also very creative!

Kara said...

Oh my goodness, you're having another girl!?!? Congrats!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Hope you are feeling well. Your kids are so adorable!!

Tyler and Rachael said...

Fun pictures and update. Congratulations on baby girl coming up in January--very happy news indeed.