August 25, 2011

July 2011

We spent a good part of July at my parent's house in Georgia. It had been a while since we had been there and we had such a fun time. My kids loved the pool and all the time they got with cousins and Grandma and Poppy.

A shot of the back lake at Grandma and Poppy's house. We really miss this place. We were there for about 2 weeks.

Taking advantage of all the land to run around on- one of the perks of living in the boonies.

Amelia adores her aunt Amy and cousin Lauren.

Late-night playing with cousins Lilian, Taylor, and Ella.

This was the first annual Jewkes Cousins' Camp in my parent's back yard. All the cousins were there and it was a GREAT time. Oliver loved it. Amelia wasn't old enough to participate this year, but we're hoping to make it back for future years. You can kind of see the banners hanging in the background. We all made them for each of our families. I wish we had gotten a close-up of ours- Christian did a great job on it.

Oliver with his buddy, Gabe at Cousins' camp.

Planting a tree at Cousins' camp.

Playing on Poppy's deck.

I love snuggling with my kiddos and thank goodness they are both snugglers as well.

Amelia got a visit from her old friend, Coda while we were in GA. It was a happy reunion for at least one of them.

Back home in Utah. Love these two.

What a set of buns! Amelia cannot get enough of water- whether it's sprinklers, water fountains, rivers, or pools.

Playing in the sprinklers with kids from our cul-de-sac.

Oliver learned how to ride his bike withOUT training wheels. We are SO proud of him!


Andrea W. said...

Cute, cute pictures! I'm obsessed with Amelia, I could watch her all day long, she just lives such an interesting rich life. Oliver is so cute, I love how social he is. So glad you guys are closer.

Jo said...

That Cousin Camp looks like such a fun thing. And I love the banner idea!

Very impressive about Oliver learning to ride his bike without training wheels. He's really growing up!