November 2, 2011

Goodbye Halloween

We spent Halloween in the best trick-or-treating neighborhood in all of Utah. We went up to Ryan and Macy's house (Macy was induced the next morning so major kudos to her for having us all up). We went out with their kids, Rex, Lucy, and Molly. Their neighborhood is so quaint and beautiful and their ward even makes hot dogs for trick-or-treaters as well as donuts and drinks. So, we made a pit stop there in the middle of our night. The kids had so much fun together, running from house to house and they got SO much candy. Which I had to ask Christian to "hide" from me after I made more than a couple meals out of Snickers and Twixes. Ugh- I need to go to sugar rehab.

Amelia, the princess and Oliver, the future Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Making their way through the 'hood with their cousins.

Such cute cousin friends.

We went and picked these apples tonight at one of ward member's house. They had the hugest apple tree and these apples literally taste like candy. I'm in apple heaven- forget about Halloween candy.


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Oliver and Amelia were so cute as a race car driver and princess. Pretty appropriate I'd say! And how fun that they got to do some serious trick or treating w/Rex, Lucy, and Molly.

Those apples do look wonderful, Rebecca, but I'm in awe that you regard them as candy. I must be missing some important gene!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

After a day with the kids' halloween candy, I put myself on the "no sweets" deal with Sundays as a free day. Drastic measure, I know, but much needed. It's been good for me. But you're pregnant, so you can eat what you want. :)

Anna W. said...

I totally agree on the apples. Natures candy is much better. Tell Oliver and Amelia I said hi!

Claire said...

Forget abour halloween candy to eat apples? Really? And you think you need sugar rehab? I would forget about candy for one kind of apple- caramel apple. :)