November 29, 2011

Nesting November

I am in full-blown nesting mode. I cleaned all the kids' drawers out this morning, organized their clothes, cleaned the entire garage (which included all of Christian's window cleaning equipment and was no small task), and vacuumed my car out- all before 11:30 am. I've got a long list of to-do's, but I'm getting there. Anyway, we've had such a great and busy month. First and foremost, Christian got a new job- a great job that he is SO excited about. We went to the Governor's Gala at the Salt Palace in SLC, celebrated Julie's birthday, Christian got shoulder surgery for a couple tears in his labrum, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and counting with a scheduled c-section on Dec. 27th, and we celebrated Thanksgiving with people we love (which I didn't get a single pic of, but was a lot of fun).

My little Loves. Amelia went through a face-scratching phase, as you can see from Oliver's face.

We celebrated my sister, Julie's birthday with some banana cream pie.

Trying to get a Christmas card pic with Grandma and Grandpa Bell.

Just an afternoon tea party in our front yard.

At the Governor's Gala

Daddy a couple days after his surgery.

The other day I was upstairs and it was extraordinarily quiet so I went to check on Amelia. As soon as I rounded the corner, she came running towards me, covered in baking soda, with this "I know I'm in trouble" look on her face and said, "I want to go to time out. I want to go to time out." I didn't deem this time-out worthy, but I definitely explained that she can only "bake" when Momma is there to help her. So funny.


Rachel said...

That story about Amelia is hilarious. She is so cute. Poor Oliver's face though...sheesh. I hope Christian feels better soon!

Jo said...

Great post Rebecca. This really has been a momentous month for you guys hasn't it? So glad things have gone well, and can't wait to meet our new little grand-daughter!

Rachel and Eric said...

That story cracks me up! You look great, but way to leave your bump out of all the pictures! We'll just have to see it in person...don't have the baby before December 16th. said...

Thanks for that great picture of my after surgery. Glad that's on the interet now in case any of us need that in the future.

Amanda said...

That pictures of Amelia is adorable! So excited to meet (from a distance) your new little girl in a few weeks. I am glad that everything is going so well with your cute family.