December 13, 2011


This month has gone by unusually slow for me as I count down the days until Baby #3 arrives. But, we've made the most of it and tried to pack some fun activities in before I'm "unavailable." We got a Christmas tree, went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point, made a trip to Discovery Gateway Museum, went to our ward Christmas party, got all of our Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped, and played in our first real snow this morning.

It took Amelia about 5 minutes to find and make friends at our ward Christmas party. We didn't see her the rest of the night.

Oliver waiting for Santa with his best friends, Parker and Ethan.

So excited to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas!

At the Children Museum.

Doing some serious construction work.

Feeling right at home on the horse at the museum.

Loving playing in the first snow of this winter.



Amy Ellertson said...

so cute! were excited to hopefully see you guys soon! i want a picture of your baby bump...

Jo said...

Oliver and Amelia look like very happy campers. All adorable pictures, but that last close-up of Amelia-- WOW!!!

Jo said...
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Macy said...

wow! you guys got lots of snow! We definitely didn't get that much.

Looks like a fun month you have had before this little girl arrives.