July 14, 2012

Catch Up

 The kids made this "trampoline" for Eloise today. They were so proud of themselves.

 While in Dallas last weekend for Kate's baptism, we went on morning walks with my Mom almost every morning. We found this GIANT frog on our last morning walk. I have never seen a frog even half this big in my life. It was so gross and it didn't help that it was also dead.

 Lauren and Amelia having fun while Rachel pushes them around in the car.

 Eloise spending some time with Cousin Tessa at church while in Dallas for the baptism.

 Fourth of July Parade in Belton. We had heard from some of the locals that it was a nationally rated parade so we were expecting big things. It was very small-town and there wasn't even any candy! It made me miss the Kaysville 4th Parade BIG time.

 My parents spent a few days with us before going up to Dallas for the baptism. We visited the darling little town of Salado and my Dad stopped in this cute little antique shop.

 Just going out on the town.

 My sweet, little, sleeping angel baby.

 Work it girlfriend!

 This is actually from when we were still in UT but I thought it was too cute to pass up.

 This is also an oldie, but again, a goodie.

 Eloise got to join Christian and I as we celebrated our 7 year anniversary. She was the perfect 3rd wheel.
 We ate at the yummiest restaurant- La Duni in Fairview, TX. Rachel watched Oliver and Amelia so we could enjoy a night out on the town to celebrate 7 years:).

 I am so proud of this amazing deal I got on hotwire: $58 for a 4 star hotel!!! It was such a nice hotel and we even got upgraded when we told them it was our anniversary. It was on the 20th floor with incredible views which Christian is taking in here.

 Amelia and Oliver have definitely made the most of our apartment pool. We go swimming just about everyday and they love it. Amelia "remembered" how to swim a few weeks ago and she is our little fish in the water- a real natural.

 Oliver is also an expert swimmer.  He has gotten so good and loves it.

 Getting ready to head to the pool, taking care not to forget the cowboy boots.

 We went to Lake Belton for a dinner picnic a couple weeks ago. It was so beautiful and the kids have been begging to go back ever since.

 Cow Appreciation Day! 

I thought Chick-fil-A would be jam-packed, but we were some of the only customers there for Cow Appreciation Day.

   In no particular order (because I can't figure out blogger right now and I'm too lazy) here's a little catch-up. We've had a really fun and very busy month or so here in TX. We've made 2 trips up to Dallas- the first for our anniversary and the second for Kate's baptism. My parents came to town to visit over the 4th. We've been swimming a ton and made some great friends here already. We still really like it here and the heat and humidity haven't been as bad as we thought they might be come July. Oliver and Amelia just finished swim lessons and did so good. Eloise is still the sweetest, most content baby around. I think that's it for now, but hopefully my posts will get a little more regular from here on out:).


Andrea W. said...

Oh, it's so good to see you all! It's also a little sad to see you all -- we miss you!!! Eloise is a doll, kiss her for me. Oliver and Amelia are as cute as ever. That picture of you is stunning! We went to Cow Appreciation day too. So great. We love you guys and are glad you're doing well. Thanks for posting!

Eliza said...

um, amelia is KILLING me! the cute quirkiness just oozes out of every picture. Eloise is such a little doll! And oliver is as cute as ever. We miss you guys! Love the update!

cheapjerseys2012.net said...
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Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

that picture of amelia in the sunglasses is classic! one day i want to meet eloise!