August 7, 2008


Time for an Ollie update.

He's been on a talking rampage for a month or two and it's such a good time. Some of his favorite words:

I mees you (I miss you)
I yub u (I love you)
Au nummies (I want good food)
Owe-side (outside)
I ninky (I'm stinky)
dopf (sippie)
upf (up)
Saup (shark)
Fis (fish)
Au bot (airplane)
Sooz (shoes)
wabo (water)
dada (car)
A do (there you go)
ah bye (I want a bite)
peas (please)
sigh A (sorry)
auto (oliver)
I. A. (Ollie)
ah watz tb (I want to watch tv) I'm putting the kibosh on the tube, which is possible now that Reba's sultry dance show is over.

He has many more, but those are the ones weaved into 98% of his sentences. We have a shark encyclopedia he loves to leaf through (No, I didn't force this on him. He's obsessed with it all on his own. Ask Reba) and due to the bottom view outline of a shark looking similar to an airplane, he shouts "Saup, Fis, Au bot!" whenever he sees a shark or an airplane in the sky.

He still loves to play in the backyard, but when I'm home he's not content unless I'm out there with him. After catching on to me sometimes sneaking inside, his tactics have impressively evolved. While he used to simply beckon me to follow him out, he switched to pulling me out by my hand, then finally settled on the even surer method of staying behind me and pushing my leg until I'm safely outside. One day, when I snuck in after a while, he found me, pushed me back out, then thought for a minute and went back to the open door (we had always left it open) and pulled it closed , sealing off my escape route. Now he always closes the door behind us.

He also loves going places and can sense one of us getting ready to leave 5 steps before it actually happens. He then does everything he can to get in on the action: Mostly a mad dash around the house to gather up his travel cars and find his shoes. Nothing symbolizes good times to him like having his shoes on. He'll see pictures of himself out and about and happily shout "SOOZ ON!"

He said (repeated) his first prayer a few days ago.

He loves to go down for a nap a bedtime.

He loves longboarding and dancing to techno music.

He's the best guy I know.



Eliza said...

oh my gosh, so cute, I love hearing about what he's saying. that is so funny about the sharks, and airplanes. oh, I miss him, I need to hear him for myself. what a cutie!

Braden and Meredith said...

Cute, cute, cute. LOL about your whole post, Kook. Very funny stuff. It's true that Jeff is basically doing decathalons, but Ollie can talk circles clear around him.

Macy said...

so cute. I love that talking stage, where they are learning so many words so quickly, and then start to say full fun. You really captured his personality too...i had to smile just reading about him. He is so darling.

Andrea W. said...

OH, so CUTE!!! I love "A Do" and "I A" I'm with Lize, I've got to hear these for myself. Time for another visit. LOL about the saups. Ben gets "sharp" confused with "shark" so whenever he sees a knife or scissors he calls them "shark".

Ryan said...

That is awesome. I love that having his shoes means so much to him, and that he likes to prepare by gathering his cars. Ollie's a fun guy.

Jo said...

What a fun post, Chris! So good to catch up a little w/cute Ollie. I love that he now closes the door when you two are outside, so you can't escape. Smart guy! Isn't it SO FUN to see them start to figure things out?

Greg said...

What a cute little guy...and good on him for nailing his dad for ditching him. And please keep him away from those sultry dance shows...what is Reba thinking? I mean he could end up on the BYU ballroom dance team if you're not careful.

I'm impressed with his lingo franco speako.

So funny that he still death grips two cars all the time.

Anna said...

What a CUTE kid! Way to go capturing all that Chris! I would love to meet the little guy again!

The Allred Family said...

I love how smart he is....closing the door after you. Kids are so intuitive.