August 1, 2008

"It's not the best parenting style, but it's decent"

That's what this guy, wearing this, said when challenged on the efficacy of threatening his young children with monsters eating them in an effort to get results.

Anyway, I have a couple Kids Korner questions.

1. What's your favorite children's songs cd for a 2 yr old?

2. What are your most successful preparation/discipline strategies for keeping 2 yr olds good in sacrament meeting (Bird, you can skip writing "letting them wear batting helmets to church." Doesn't pass the smell test.)


Tris & Ken said...

I've got two words for you:

Ryan said...

Kook, I'm actually about to compile a CD for the kids, and will send it to you. I guess it might be a little old for Auber, but still.

And that is a fantastic photo, by the way. I never get sick of that one.

We also have a really great CD of Beatles songs sung by little kids- and two-year old Ike loves it.

For Sacrament meeting, you just need a church bag full of three kinds of snacks, ten different books, and twelve kinds of toys.

Braden and Meredith said...

Kook, you laugh at the batting helmet, but just think how many times you got knuckled by dad and how differently things would have turned out if you had worn a batting helmet.

As far as your questions, our kids at really early ages have always really responded to primary songs. Regardless of the arrangement or artist, they just really love them for some reason.

I'm with Ry about sac meeting--just a bunch of stuff to do and eat. Mere made a book with pictures of Jesus that they can look at during the sacrament

Macy said...

I love that qoute of Brennan's so much....I seriously never get sick of it. So funny.

When Rex was about Oliver's age my mom made him a book of pictures of the family, and he loved that. We definitely go in ups and downs with how our kids act in church though, I have not found one sure fire thing. I like the marshmallow idea. I am sure my kids would like that better than raisins.

Davis said...

Benadryl. Don't judge me.

Andrea W. said...

I agree with Macy, there's no sure fire way. However, I have found that simplifying really helps. For awhile I was bringing books, food, dvd player... just kidding. Seriously though I cut everything out except basic coloring supplies for my older kids and sometimes that occupies Ben. I do think a snack is helpful for the younger ones. Maybe 1 little quiet toy for one Oliver's age.

The other thing is obvious but hard to do which is to not let them run around if you have to take them out, hold him so he doesn't learn that it's play time if he acts up.

When my older kids were little I put a lot of the Gospel Art pictures in a binder and they loved that, and learned a lot of the scripture stories that way.

Ry, I want in on that CD when you're done.

Greg said...

Stern looks got me through 6 kids. It's not the best...but it's decent.

Sit as close to the front as you reasonably can. Over the years Mom and I have become convinced that you engage with the speakers and singers and leaders if you sit closer, and the Spirit is felt more strongly that way.

You should sit on the end of a bench against the wall and don't let them out. Basically whatever happens within that boundary is going to be ok...or at least Rebecca will take care of it. You're doing your job by guarding their escape from that space.

Lindsey said...

LOL- these comments make me laugh. It's so easy to see who has the obedient submissive kids and who has kids like mine. I like whoever said Benadryl. Our kids need to get together.

Macy said...

I agree with Ange.. I think simplicity is best. I was honestly bringing a mary poppins bag full of everything under the sun for awhile, and still do for stake conference(that is a whole different story), but have found that paper and crayons are best. Maybe a few snacks, and a toy for the young ones.

I also agree with Greg, sit toward the front.

Tiffany said...

Sorry, I'm blogspying but I noticed you lived in ABQ and are friends with Kara. I live in Alb too and know Kara so I just wanted to say hi. And I'm sorry, I don't know many good techniques for 2 year olds in sacrament. I'm working on things with my 15 month kid. Mostly, I sit in the back with him so he can move around and eat and play. I do hold him during the sacrament so maybe he'll learn that that's a special time. I'm not sure it will work but we'll see what happens.

Christian said...

Thanks everyone for your great ideas. Very helpful.

Lindsey, sorry to inform you that the guy who shares your parenting philosophy is a 31 yr old bachelor.

Hillarys little Paynes said...

they are two! who said two yr olds need to be quiet, i just do my best at minimizing the noise and fights, and then just smile at all the stink eyes. but actually i like all the suggestions people made.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

i learned a lot from reading your comments. i have no claim on the answer to that one because i am yet to figure it out. my advice-just suffer through sacrament and then let him nap on the way home!

Shauna said...

i know cameron earls home schooled family went to the chapel on like a wednesday afternoon every week to practice for an hour for that coming up sunday. DONT DO THAT. Totally weird.

My nephews really like legally blond the musical and anything chris brown.

The Allred Family said...

Hilarious. This guys had to be from UT, right? Did he actually agree to let you take that pic? I have no answers for you but forward the good ones along to me!

The Allred Family said...

Oh, is that guy your relative.....crap. Does he read your blog? SORRY!!! :)

christian said...

Shauna, LOLOLOLOLOL. Holy crap, that made me laugh so freaking hard. "home schooled family" was all you needed to say.

Claire, and another hearty lolol to you. He's my brother in law. He doesn't know how to use the World Wide Web, but i'll make sure his wife passes it along to him.