October 13, 2008

Conference Weekend at the Bells

So, after a relaxing week in Sundance, Christian and I joined the Bells for Conference weekend. We met up at Hogle Zoo on Friday, then went out to dinner that night at The Dodo with just the adults- a real treat. The rest of the weekend was filled Conference, Conference, and more Conference. I was actually pretty proud of myself, this being the first year ever I haven't dozed off during one of the sessions. Though, it might have been impossible with all the kiddos running around providing ample amounts of entertaining distraction.

Cousin fun, whether or not you like it, Oliver...

All the cousins were so helpful with Oliver, making sure he kept up with the group and felt included.
Grandpa and Ollie.

This was the only other slightly redeemable picture from the whole weekend- the rest were all really blurry. This is Oliver with his 2 other cousins his age, Abe and Benny.


Andrea W. said...

Ah, this post made me homesick for you three. Cute pictures.

Jo said...

Ditto Andrea! What a great weekend that was-- what's better than Conference and family? And you guys add so much to any gaterhing.

LOL on your caption: "Cousin fun--whether or not you like it Oliver"

Jill Bagley said...

congratulations on the baby.
i didnt even know about it!!
when are you due?
its exciting all right.
your lucky your mom would drive out with you so you could go to utah. i try to talk my mom into it all the time, but it never seems cost effective enough.
fun fun.

Braden and Meredith said...

Reba, great post and pics. Jeff was just looking at the screen saying, "Ah-ah-wuh," which I thought was very cute. I was kind of surprised that he remembered him, but he did.