June 29, 2008

Late Father's Day Tribute

We were on vacation over Father's day, so I'm writing a late Father's Day tribute.

When I was in elementary school i didn't think my dad was the coolest. That's because one my my best friend's had a dad who was a professional arm wrestler. Come on! Then I read To Kill A Mockingbird, and I thought, wow, that's my dad. Boo Radely. Jk. No really it was wise, honorable, ethical, kind Atticus Finch.
My dad is my hero. He's what I want to be. He's the consummate people person. He cares and loves and feels so deeply, so quickly for people. Talk to him on a plane for a few minutes and he'll be fasting about your grandkid's wart insecurity for the next 3 years. He's wise but humble, educated but open minded, fun but deep, endlessly interested and endlessly interesting, and on and on. He is Senior Renaissance.

Mr. Gary Jewkes. Man, where do you start with this guy. Whenever I'm telling someone about him I always end up saying "You've just go to meet him to understand." The man is a force of nature. He's one of my top absolute favorite people in the world to be around. So smart, funny, engaging, and ALWAYS interesting. He raised 11 kids. I don't know anyone with more energy. My favorite thing is when he extends his energy to others by trying to get them to carry out his ingenious plans. Can't blame him, he produces way too many ideas for one person to execute. Imagine how much more Beethoven could have produced if he'd had 12 scribes and assistants. I always wanted to have a really cool father in law. I feel grateful I got one. Gar, thanks for being a great FIL and friend to me.


Andrea W. said...

You're really upping your stats, and I am totally loving it. Great post, great guys. Dad has always reminded me of Atticus too! Gary is so great, I've so enjoyed him the few times I've been around him.

Eliza said...

wow what a great tribute, its very true too! Dad is totally atticus finch and even though I don't know gary that well he is exactly like you described, one of a kind, love that guy!

Greg said...

I'll take Atticus any day.

And I'll take you any day. You are so, so funny! Truly funny.

What a warm, sweet tribute...and how I love you.

I love Gary for the same reasons...a veritable geyser of good will, of ingenuity, of good sense, of genuine interest in others. What a fine guy. I'm glad you got us related.

Braden and Meredith said...

Good work Chris. Well done.

The Allred Family said...

Christian, that was a sweet tribute, to both men. And I love that you call my Dad "Gar". I can always hear you say it my mind with your funny little tone.

Braden and Meredith said...

Chris, I meant to ask who was your friend with the professional wrassler dad?

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

this comment is from dad...Christian--wow, what a kind set of words about your father in law! Thanks so much and I feel most unworthy. It was interesting to see me through your eyes! Thanks for being such an engaging, interesting to talk with son in law. Love you, Gary And you pegged Greg exactly! What fun to all be part of the family.