July 7, 2008

"My Country Tis of Thee..."

The day got off to kind of slow start after a failed attempt at the gym (childcare was closed), so I had to run with Oliver in his stroller to the park where I managed to do a little exercise routine there with some tubing. I couldn't very well miss a day of exercise when I knew the amount of chunking out the upcoming day would bring, right??!! So, after that, it was pretty much just a party. We started with some friends here on the west side of town for a BBQ with the most colossal burgers you've ever seen, topped off with yummy, not to mention healthy, red, white, and blue fruit parfaits. Our next party was with our friends on the east side of town for a little more BBQ at their beautiful house. Christian and Jake played a few rounds of redneck golf in the backyard while the girls chatted it up around the food table. I also must mention the not only delicious, but fabulously fancy 4th of July cake that Jill made, complete with red velvet, blueberries, and raspberries. It looked like something out of magazine- yum yum! The fun night ended with the exchanging of ghost stories and childhood fashion memories. It was soooooo fun!

The theme of these pictures is how scared Oliver was of the sparklers...?!

Family pic- Oliver's still scared.

Jason, Steven, Christian, Jake, and Eric, after a grueling round of redneck golf.

Oliver wasn't really interested in the meat- he's kind of a carb guy.

Brittany, me, and Rachel.

Brittany, me, Jill, and Rachel, chatting it up.

Can I get a light?

Oliver was pooped after all that partying! He loves his Uncle Jake!


Braden and Meredith said...

Sounds fun, Reba! I think Child Protective Services might want to talk to you after those pictures, though.

Andrea W. said...

Cute pictures, sounds like a fun day. I'm impressed you guys have so many fun friends. I'm happyf or you except, I also think that may work against us since you're not lonely and pining for living near family.

I love the picture of Oliver in Jake's lap. Ben wouldn't go within 60 feet of a firework.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

reba-it looks like you've been out in the sun. you got the racoon sunburn around your eyes!

Greg said...

Great post, Reba. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. You guys are so cool to reach out to so many friends and keep up these relationships...and also to involve Jake, as well.

Ben and Abe trembled the entire time the guys were doing fireworks. They were both so nervous about it. I guess 3 or 4, not 2, is the beginner's age for this.

We love you guys so much. Great to see you in the pictures, though. But it makes me sad.

Lindsey said...

Fun times. Looks like you guys have lots of friends there. What's up with that sunburn?!? :)

I love all your familiy reunion pics, but the one of Oliver flying through the air scares the crap out of me. I guess Christiana caught him though or I probably would have heard about it.

Your hubs is such a good writer. I love reading his posts.

Eliza said...

oh those pictures of ollie are so sad and funny at the same time. yeah, I always think abe will love the fireworks but it freaks him out. looks like a fun day, thanks for sharing. and btw, your stats are looking awesome, you guys have been model bloggers!

Shauna said...

first of all, your 4th looks fun. i cant wait till i have a little teensy family of my own and do bbqs with friends it just looks fun (im not depressed or anything Christian, dont jump to any conclusions, my life is good).

Second, i have your friends red white and blue patriotic looking shirt. Its way cuter on her.

Third, Reba, i read on Eliza's blog that youre on the Picoult train...its a good train to be on, just skip "the tenth circle." Totally weird and boring. Did you read "my sisters keeper"? That one is BY FAR the best.

Jana said...

So fun!
I think you should do a post just on childhood fashion memories.

Shauna said...

yeah i read it a few weeks ago, its good. Its a quick easy read. And yeah you run across that with some of Jodi Picoults books. There are always parts where you're like "ahhhh what???" The Tenth Circle is like a comic book/Eskimo thing and its weird.

I recommend 19 minutes, the pact, my sisters keeps (already mentioned) and picture perfect.

kateworthi said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time! What fun friends and cute pics of the fam!

Rachel said...

Looks like fun- I wish you had a pic of that yummy sounding cake. :)

The Allred Family said...

that's such a sweet pic of jakey holding olli. aww. Jake is such a sweet uncle. thanks reba for the birthday card. that was REALLY nice. You are doing good on your goal (I remmeber that from your tag). You guys have so many friends!!!

Amanda J said...

I think it is cool that you have so many friends that you get together with - you and Christian like to party! That is a sweet picture of Jake holding Oliver :) How is your leg? did you find out what is wrong? I hope nothing serious so you can get back on the soccer field...

Jess & Jessica said...

Hey Rebecca! Thanks for visit teaching me today. I was looking at the picture of the guys sitting on the chairs and I realized I know steve duncan and Jason sego. It is a small world. Thanks for being such a sweet person!

Brant & Kristen said...

Hey Rebecca & fam- this is Kristen Harrison (Wilson) from GA. I found your blog through Rachel's (I'm not even sure how I got to her's- we must know some of the same people). We're online at http://theharrisonhouse.blogspot.comm

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