October 14, 2009

Fair to the Fiesta

About 3 weeks ago, we went here:

with our friends, Rachel and Rett. They have season tickets to the rodeo at the fair. Let me tell you, nothing beats a RODEO at a STATE FAIR. Three words: belts, buckles, and Wranglers. Somehow these "underground cowboys" become really "cool" for this two-week event in NM and they strut their stuff like they're not afraid to wear it all year long. Anyway, I love rodeos, always have, maybe it's in my blood since my Mom just so happened to be a barrel-racing rodeo queen in her younger years.

This twitterpated duo likes to ride double, whether or not the stroller calls for it. Oliver and Berlynn at the fair.

Next, we went here:

which is one of our favorite events here in Albuquerque. People come from all over the world for this one-week fiesta and it's the largest of its kind. Usually, we go see the mass ascensions (when all the balloons lift in to the air at once), but this year we opted for the special shapes glowdeo and were we ever glad we did. It was awesome.

On the bus on the way to the Balloon Fiesta Park. Oliver hasn't stopped talking about this bus since that night. I mean, look at his face- could he be any more excited???

Overlooking all the special shapes balloons as we drove in to the park.

The announcer would count down and on "1" all the balloonists would light 'em up. It was REALLY cool.

Oliver obviously didn't think it was as cool as we did- he was so scared when the balloons all lit up.

But Amelia loved every second of it.:)

This was Oliver's favorite balloon- the Wells Fargo horse carriage, even though he was convinced it was Thomas the Train.

Oliver loves to line all his cars up in this fashion in different places around the house. In case you're not sure, yes, he's still WAY in to cars.

Playing with Amelia before bed time. She always gets so giggly before night-nights. Check out that tummy love.


* said...

Amelia is getting cuter and cuter...she looks exactly like what I remember our baby pictures looking like- pretty adorable, if you ask me! The balloon fiesta looks amazing- I'm sure my kids would have LOVED it.

Macy said...

Amelia is adorable. So beautiful! Can't wait to see her again, and you all of course. Darling pictures. Park City has a balloon festival too, and I love it. I don't know if it is up to par with yours, but those are fun events.

Macy said...

Great post, Rebecca. I love those great pictures of your two kids. Oliver just cracks me up, no matter what he's doing. But the fact that he was freaked out at a bunch of lit balloons kills me.

I love the pics of Amelia. So glad we'll get to hang with her this weekend.

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Is that Grandma and Grandpa's old piano in your house? Also, do you like your Maclaren stroller? Is the bag storage big enough?

Jenn said...

Your kids are soOOo stinkin' cute! I think the balloon fiesta looks so neat and fun! I just might try to talk Logan into going next year.

Aubrey, Josh, Caden &Skylar said...

I love baby tummy pictures...so darling! Don't you just love this time of year in ABQ??? So much cool/fun stuff to do...

Jamie Jensen Hill said...

That balloon festival looked awesome! Way better than the one we go to every year in Huntsville. And Amelia is getting to be soooo cute!