October 24, 2009

Remember Sears and Roebuck?

Do you recall ever having heard tales from your parents and/or grandparents of the Sears and Roebuck catalog coming out at Christmas time and them devouring every page, making wish lists, refining those lists, etc., etc.? Well, let me tell you, we've had our very own modern-day Sears and Roebuck experience the past couple days in the form of a Toys R Us catalog. This guy cannot get enough of all the cars, trucks, and trains devilishly calling to him from this calculating toy conglomerate's pages. He has spent hours perusing the toy-filled pages and occasionally will lift his head to ask, "Momma, Daddy, can you pull this movie/car/truck/train for me out of the magzazine (magazine)?"

Can't you just picture that face on the "Let's raise money for orphanages in Africa" commercials?


Braden said...

LOL. Oliver and Dad have now had basically the same pre-Christmas experience.

* said...

I remember scouring through the Sears Catalogs at Christmas and making massive lists, pictures included (we wouldn't want Santa bringing the wrong thing, right?). And, I'm not that old....

kateworthi said...

Ben's been doing that kind of stuff too with our little "catalogs." It's hilarious stuff. And might I say, I'm impressed that Oliver has learned this so early. Aren't you lucky!? :)

Jo said...

Wow, that is a pretty poignant face! How cute that he thinks you should be able to pull those pictures out. Sad to disappoint the little guy!

Lindsey said...

Ours was always the JcPennys catalog. You're already talking about Christmas!?!? I haven't even bought Halloween costumes! lol.

Macy said...

From Rex: I like your catalogue, Oliver. Hope you move to Utah. You can sleep in my room. But not if you snore.

I will see you if you move. Bye.

Ryan and Andrea said...

That is hilarious! Maybe you can start your own "Toys for Oliver" Organization.

Aubrey, Josh, Caden &Skylar said...

OMGosh...too cute and hilarious! Yeah, I can remember making my Christmas lists...I can't believe the little ones are already old enough to do that!!!

The Allred Family said...

Thta's funny. Don't you remember doing the same thing when we were little? We would go through the toys r us magazine adn circle the things we wanted or cut and glue them. CUTE pic!

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