September 10, 2012

Adventures in August Part II

August was SOOO busy- just the way I like it.:) After the Crofts' visit, we started making preparations for school, which began with us putting money down on a property and getting Oliver enrolled in that school. Oliver also celebrated his 6th birthday and a few days later, started Kindergarten.

 Eloise is finally sitting up!!! And, at only 7 months! :)

 Her eyes get bigger by the day.

 We went to some ward friend's house for dinner and the kids played the whole time in their beautiful back yard. This is also where Amelia goes to preschool.

 Oliver loves to lie down and let the baby have her way with his face.

 And this is our lot! I know it doesn't look like much, but we love it. It's 3/4 acre, about 3/4 mile from Belton Lake and has a community pool and lots of trees (all things on our "list.")

 We met our friends at McDonald's a few weeks ago to play and escape the 100+ degree heat.

 Who needs a photography studio with these kinds of props around??

 Happy Birthday to my sweet, angelic, little Oliver. He turned 6 and was so excited for his big day. We had a yummy breakfast and then went to a small waterpark, followed by Chick-fil-A. Oliver, who's so easy to please, loved every minute of his day. Oliver has turned in to the sweetest, most tender-hearted boy. He's always taking care of Amelia and loves to share and include her. He's also so obedient and quick to obey.  He's also about the smartest little 6 year old I know. He absolutely loves to learn and asks such intelligent, thoughtful questions and then remembers everything we tell him! I can't believe how much he's grown up in the past year.

 I know what you're thinking: that is one good-looking hyena cake! I know, I know. Christian thought it was an armadillo, Amelia thought it was a cow, but Oliver- who had requested a hyena cake- knew right away what it was. 

 We invited the neighbor kids to come and eat cake and ice cream with us, but we spent the rest of the day celebrating with just our little family.

 And now, Oliver's first day of Kindergarten! It was really hard for me to say goodbye to him. He's my little boy after all, and it's hard to let go of that. But, he's really loved it so far and his teacher is fabulous.

 Walking in to school, green breakfast smoothie in hand:).

 Oliver and his teacher at their classroom.

 Oliver's little locker.

 And, after all that picture taking, Amelia wanted a few of her own with her new princess backpack.


Rachel said...

I am seriously rolling right now at that cake and commentary. SO hilarious. I'm dying. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. thank you.

Jessica Sedgwick said...

Ditto what Rachel just said. HaHa!!!

JoLynn Bell said...

Rebecca, I missed these posts because I haven't been checking for a while. How excited I was to see them!

I loved reading a little about your life. Cool to see your lot!

I especially loved reading about the kids, and seeing their pictures. Oliver looks so grown-up with is backpack! Amelia and Eloise are adorable. Those are the HUGEST eyes!

I was seriously impressed with your hyena cake! I wouldn't have had any idea where to start with that request.

Miss and love you all. Please keep up the posts!

Unknown said...

Hello rebecca, i'm stevani from Indonesia. i love your article a lot.. now i'm still learning about english and i impressed with the way of your writing. thanks a lot for your story.
big hug for oliver, amelia and eloise. i love them!

Anonymous said...

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